Benefits of Installing a Glass Shower

Benefits of Installing a Glass Shower

Are you bored with your existing bathroom and want to upgrade it? Are you considering installing a glass shower? Do you wish to undertake a window replacement project to be complemented by a glass shower project? Are you confused about what benefits a glass shower has to offer? Do not trouble yourself; read further to learn the benefits that glass showers offer.

If your existing bathroom looks boring and you desire to give it a new look, installing a glass shower is an interesting way to give it a new gorgeous look without having to remodel the entire space. Glass showers are a new trend in bathroom design due to functional and aesthetic purposes. A glass shower creates beautiful bathroom interiors and separates the bathing space from the rest of the bathroom space.

Benefits of Installing a Glass ShowerWhen carrying out window replacement, consider installing a glass shower also, to create a beautiful bathroom space for your home. Meanwhile, here are the benefits of glass showers.

1. Larger Appearance

If your bathroom is small, installing a glass shower will make space look larger and more spacious. It will make your bathroom look bigger than it is and without any closed off partition. Also, if the existing bathtubs occupy much of the floor space, install a glass shower to free up space.

2. Low Maintenance

The main advantage of glass showers over other materials is that they require less maintenance. They are easy to clean and durable. Besides, the chances of mold growth or mildew presence are slim. And if installed correctly, glass showers require few repairs.

3. Safe

Glass showers are a safer option because they do not create a slip and fall hazard. They eliminate the risks of an accident in the bathroom because there will be less water on the floor and not much clean up is required after the shower. The glass used for glass showers are stronger than the regular annealed glass; therefore, they have high impact resistance.

4. Increase the Value of the Home

Installing a glass shower is one of the upgrades you should consider to increase the value of your home if you are considering putting up your home for sale. Apart from window replacement, installation of kitchen countertops, and basement waterproofing, glass showers are another way to increase the resale value of your home.
Considering the above benefits among several that glass showers offer, installing a glass shower is a worthwhile project you can undertake.

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What is the Difference Between Garden Doors Vs. French Doors?

What is the Difference Between Garden Doors Vs. French Doors?

When you need access to your patio, garden, or the outdoors, installing a Garden Door or French Door is the way to go. These two types of doors help to bring the outdoors inside due to their design. You get to maximize your living spaces with Garden Doors and French Doors. Increasing your home's beauty and curb appeal without remodeling your home is possible with door replacement. Although Garden Doors and French doors have similar functions, they have their differences. Read further to know the differences between Garden Doors and French doors. They are types of exterior patio doors. In some cases, they can be compared to sliding patio doors. However, they are different even though they perform the same functions because French Doors and Garden Doors are actual doors. The two types of doors improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

What is the Difference Between Garden Doors Vs. French Doors?Irrespective of their similarities, Garden Doors, and French Doors have their differences. Below are the differences between Garden Doors and French Doors.

1. Design

Although both types of doors look the same, their design is different. Garden Doors are designed to have one solid door and one opening doors. Garden Doors have two doors, but only one of the doors can open and close for passage. On the other hand, French Doors have two opening doors, which offer a larger opening, better ventilation, and more passage space.

2. Accessibility

Although French Doors and Garden Doors have two doors, French Doors provide a wider passage because the two doors can be opened for many people to pass, especially when you are hosting a party and people are moving around in your home. However, Garden Doors come with one fixed door and one opening door, which cannot grant many people passage access at the same time.

3. Sturdiness

French Doors are not as secure as Garden Doors because the two doors open and close; therefore, French Doors do not have a solid center support. Also, the foot bolts used for French Doors are weaker; the doors lack strong and durable locking mechanisms, which make them less secure. Garden Doors, on the other hand, have a sturdy center support with the fixed door they have. They are also more reliable and durable than French Doors. Garden Doors can withstand regular, sustained use without any failure, unlike French Doors.
The above are the slight differences between Garden Doors and French Doors. If you are thinking about upgrading your home with window replacement, you can also install either the Garden Door or French Door to improve the overall curb appeal of your home.

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What is the Best Material to Use for Patio Doors?

What is the Best Material to Use for Patio Doors?

Are you planning to construct a patio in your home and desire to know the perfect material for patio doors? Do you want to choose the right material for your patio windows and doors to make the patio highly comfortable and energy-efficient? You are in the right place; we have put together the best materials you can use for patio windows and doors.

Understand what type of materials you can choose for your patio windows and doors will impact your comfort and convenient use of your patio. For the best and enhanced experience, here are the best materials you can consider for your patio windows and doors.

What is the Best Material to Use for Patio Doors?1. Wood

Wood is one of the perfect materials for patio doors. Wood patio doors are beautiful, classic, and have a timeless appearance. Some of the reasons wood is a suitable material include:

  • Low maintenance - As scratches can be repaired easily
  • Durability - Regardless of the type of weather, wood is more durable and reliable than most materials. Wood does not wear easily
  • Aesthetics and ageless appearance - Wood patio doors look beautiful, and their appearance improves the aesthetics of the patio
  • Classic Feel - Wood is what suited for creating a traditional look

2. Aluminum

Another material that is best for patio windows and doors is aluminum. Aluminum is sturdy and reliable. It gives the patio a unique view, and its overall appearance is appealing. Here are some features of aluminum that make it suitable:

  • Sturdy - Solid and strong
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistance to decay, corrosion, and scratches
  • Lightweight, which makes it easy-to-use

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is another material that is best for patio doors. The fiberglass patio door can be designed in resemblance to wood. Below are reasons fiberglass is a suitable material:

  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Energy cost saving
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistance to harsh weather - it would not warp, fade, or change the appearance

4. Vinyl

Vinyl is best suited for patio windows and doors. It is one of the most commonly used materials for patio doors. Here are the major endearing features of vinyl:

  • First-rate energy efficiency
  • Resistance to varying temperature - It will not be affected in any way by changes in temperature
  • Less expensive compared to other materials
  • Attractive

5. Steel

When you need sturdy and reliable patio windows and doors, you can rust steel material as a worthy alternative. Other reasons for choosing steel patio doors include the following:

  • Higher durability than other materials
  • Ability to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions
  • Less expensive
  • Free from decaying, cracking and wrapping

However, steel patio doors require regular painting to prevent rusting. They are also less stylish than other doors made from other materials.
When choosing the right material for your patio windows and doors, do not forget to consider the design of your patio and the overall look you desire.

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Different Types Of Entry Doors

Different Types Of Entry Doors

The world of doors and windows is huge and there are tons of factors involved when we choose ones for our homes. To help homeowners out with their decisions considering door and window replacement, here is a short guide describing the different types of entry doors.

Different Types Of Entry DoorsDoor Basics

First, we will go though some door basics. When it comes to the world of doors, there are 4 main types: front, garage, patio and storm. Each has its own characteristics, is made from different materials and provides different benefits for homeowners. Luckily enough, each of these types significantly increases home value as well. Garage door replacement even having an average ROI of 98%. But, in this guide we will talk specifically about front doors and the materials from which they are made.


Like every door, front doors should be made from strong, weather resistant materials. This protects us from unwanted strangers and storms. So the better quality your door’s material, the safer your home. When it comes to materials, there are 3 options you can go for. Here are their basic characteristics followed by pros and cons.

  • Wood – provides an amazing look for your home. Is extremely weather resistant and a great insulator. But, it is vulnerable to termites and rot, making it a hassle to clean and maintain. Isn’t recommended for moist and rainy climates.
  • Fiberglass – the newest trend on the market, fiberglass is the ideal solution according to some. Same as wood, it is a great insulator, but has limited style options. It lasts a lifetime and requires little maintenance, but it is much more expensive and isn’t that flexible to fit every opening.
  • Steel – the symbol of strength, steel makes a great front door. Its durability compliments the weather resistance and insulator qualities. Steel is also difficult to break, so your burglars will have a much harder time getting in. But, steel can dent and crack and is very difficult to fix. In most cases needing full replacement after a single scratch.

NOTE: There are other materials for entry doors such as aluminum and vinyl. They aren’t as popular options though since they have their own disadvantages. For instance, aluminum doesn’t work great for homes near oceans since it is prone to corrosion due to salty air.


Another important factor is the style of your doors. Of course they should compliment the aesthetics of the rest of your home, but you should also mind the safety they provide. Many homeowners opt for glass décor around or on the door, but what most of them forget is that glass can be broken. This is why it is best to put your glass décor as far from the door knob as possible or seal it with metal cages.
The choice for entry door styles is limitless. There are tons of options out there, you can even have it custom made according to your wishes. But, do not forget the important factors such as knobs and locking systems. It is smart to have dead bolts and other strong locks which will help you stay protected from intruders.

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How to Choose a Front Door?

How to Choose a Front Door?

The type of door you have determines your safety, energy bills and exterior looks. These 3 things are very important and dictate your home’s value on the market.

Front doors are the key to a home and the first thing everybody notices. To help you out with this difficult task, we gathered helpful information on how to choose a front door.

Note: Similar rules and tips apply to window replacements.

How to Choose a Front Door?Style

The first thing you should decide on is the style. What kind of statement do you want to give with your front door? There are tons of styles out there, each with its own unique qualities. Doors are also accompanied with décor, so deciding whether you want a canopy or a rug made from tiles should be done before you choose the door.

To make the best decision, you should consult with experts such as window contractors and interior decorators. The style of your new front door should compliment your exterior looks, but also your comfort, including energy efficiency and safety.


When you decide on your style, the next step is material. Fortunately for us, materials don’t come in many variations. There are 5 basic types: fiberglass, wood, aluminum, vinyl, and steel. Each material has its own pros and cons.

Some work better for hot climates, some better for cold. Some last a lifetime, some barely reach 20. But everything mainly depends on installation and manufacturing. The material itself doesn’t determine how your door will work out for you, especially the professionalism of the companies you choose.

However, you still need a bit of insight, so here are the basic things you should know about each material:

  • Wood – an amazing insulator and highly energy efficient. Lasts a pretty long time, but is prone to rot and termites. That’s why it requires more maintenance than other materials. Isn’t recommended for rainy climates.
  • Fiberglass – the best material out there, very energy efficient and highly durable. Fiberglass certainly isn’t vulnerable to a few termites, but it is much more expensive than other materials. If you are opting for maximum safety, this is the way to go.
  • Vinyl - The less expensive cousin of fiberglass is vinyl. It offers similar advantages, but for a much cheaper price. Vinyl is highly durable and efficient, but as fiberglass, it has limitations in style.
  • Steel – basically the symbol for strength, steel works amazing as a front door. As fiberglass and wood, it is also an amazing insulator, but when it dents and scratches, it cannot be fixed. The only solution will be full replacement.
  • Aluminum – the cheapest option on the market, aluminum gives average effort for keeping your home warm. It isn’t as efficient as other materials but can get the job done right. It doesn’t work well for homes near oceans since it is vulnerable to salt.


Whichever style and material you choose, it’s important to be precautious during the whole process. Projects like door or window replacement are difficult and many have been conned by uncertified contractors. To avoid this, you must follow these simple tips:

  • Buy Energy Star rated doors – this ensures quality, durability and efficiency
  • Check ratings and reviews – when picking a firm, always ask around and investigate
  • Be careful with décor – Glass décor is fancy, but don’t put it close to the knob as burglars can break it and get in much easier
  • Ask for warranties – A door is valuable as much as its warranty. Ask your contractors about their offerings and make the decision accordingly
  • Value the locking system – Another important thing is your locks. A good door isn’t worth anything without a deadbolt or other strong locking systems

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What Type of Door is Best for an Exterior Door?

What Type of Door is Best for an Exterior Door?

Want to add some home value by improving curb appeal? Decided to upgrade the entrance with a door replacement? Great choice since the front door has the biggest influence on homebuyers and guests. Choose the right door, add some window boxes around and your home will look like a Hollywood mansion. To help you out, we are presenting some information about exterior door replacement. Remember though, there isn’t one ideal door for everyone, everything depends on your personal preferences and the environment you live in. Voila:

What Type of Door is Best for an Exterior Door?Types of Doors

Even though the market is spreading, there are 3 basic types of front doors: fiberglass, wood, and steel. Here are some of the pros and cons you should know:

  • Wood – Wood is the best material for preserving a traditional and authentic look for a home. It is also an amazing insulator and protector. But wood is the material most vulnerable to deterioration as termites, rot and mold can’t wait to get their hands on it. This is why wooden doors require more frequent maintenance and replacements, compared to other materials.
  • Steel – We immediately associate steel with strength and vitality. And we are right to do so since steel provides maximum security for homes. It also has a large lifespan and is extremely affordable. But it isn't storm and weather resistant as much as wood and fiberglass. Plus steel dents and the chances of fixing it when it does are little to none.
  • Fiberglass – Admittedly the best material for doors is fiberglass. Its insulating qualities are incomparable! Fiberglass is fairly new to the market and homeowners are still skeptical, but what it lacks in popularity, it has in efficiency and aesthetics. The only disadvantage of fiberglass is that it breaks, making wood the most impact resistant.

Tips on Replacement

Whatever material you choose, remember that installation and manufacturing are also important for getting maximum efficiency out of your new door. So shopping online is ok as long as the source is highly qualified and with tons of positive reviews. This is why most homeowners decide to go with the middleman – a window contractor, suggesting the best options for your home. Besides proper, professional manufacturing and installation, you should also consider your bolt. The door material won’t have much impact on burglar resistance if your bolt is low quality. The better locking system, the safer home so don’t buy cheap $5 locks. There are quality locks for $150, not that much when your safety is a question?

Door Accessories

Your front entrance isn’t complete with a good old quality door! You still need to decorate and accessorize! Here are the most popular ways to make the best out of your exterior:

  • Glass – An amazing way to decorate a door is with glass! It increases natural light and gives a unique look to your entry. However, this does have some disadvantages since burglars can easily break in with breaking the glass and reaching for the doorknob. To avoid this either place the glass further from the knob, add unbreakable deadbolts or install metal cages around the glass.
  • Canopy – An old fashion way to keep your home protected from rain and make it look stunning at the same time. Canopies add so much to front doors that they are even recommended for increasing curb appeal. Imagine, something so small having such an impact! There are lots of styles you can go for, but to choose the best one, consult with expert designers.

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