Replacing your windows and doors can be a big and very expensive project. However, there are some cases where biting the bullet on replacement costs is a must! Find out below when it’s time to contact an expert to replace your windows and doors in London.

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows and Doors

1. Faulty or Difficult Operation

Having windows and doors that are hard to open, do not close properly, or refuse to lock, not only compromises your safety but also makes it difficult to operate. Although it’s not necessary to replace these windows and doors immediately, it is a good idea to start thinking about it. First, check to see if any of these problems can be fixed  by tightening loose screws or adding lubrication. But, if your windows and doors are difficult to open and close because of deterioration or wear and tear, it is time to replace them.

2. Visible damages

After years of use, it is normal to notice some physical damages to your windows and doors. This can be cracks, holes, warps or rot that can appear unpleasant and make your home less secure. Also, if your windows and doors are not intact, this can make your home less energy efficient and increase heating and cooling costs. Assess the situation and make a judgement call as to whether or not the damage is bad enough to need a replacement. 

3. Buildup of condensation

Firstly, it is normal for condensation to build up both inside and outside your windows and doors. But, if the condensation buildup is found between the panes of your windows, there is a problem. This buildup means that the seal of your window is damaged, making them less efficient and more prone to harbouring mold. Avoid these troubles by just replacing your windows or doors when condensation builds up in areas it is not supposed to.

4. Increased outdoor noise

Normally, your windows and doors should reduce the amount of outside noise from being audible in your home. However, if your windows and doors are damaged, noises outside may be louder and cause annoyance. This is one of the many signs that you need a replacement.

5. Cold drafts

Do you ever feel a cold draft even when your windows and doors are closed? This is because the seal around your windows and doors is no longer keeping the cold air out. Especially in cold climates, broken seals can lead to cold air entering or hot air slipping out which reduces the energy efficiency of your home. To avoid higher energy bills, replace your damaged windows and doors.


If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to get a professional contractor to help replace your windows and doors. They will help you find a product that suits your needs and fix any problems you may be having.