For décor enthusiast, garden doors or patio doors are great ways to transform your outdoor space.  Depending on your personal décor style and preference, you can customize your patio/ garden doors to fit your décor needs.  

Both a garden door and a patio door will allow you to access your indoor and outdoor space freely. However, they each possess unique features. Listed below are major differences between a garden door and a patio door.

The Structural Design

Patio doors are comprised of sliding glass door panels designed to open and close by sliding horizontally on tracks. On the contrary, garden doors can have glass panels fitted within a door that is hinged allowing the door to swing inwards or outwards. 


Depending on your customized design and choice of material, garden doors are relatively costly to install as compared to patio doors. Similarly, with proper maintenance, the solid glass style used in patio doors tend to last longer compared to those used in garden door. Patio doors are therefore more cost-effective in the long run.

Availability of Space

For limited or restricted space, a sliding patio door may be a better choice versus a garden door. A garden door requires a lot of space for the frames and hinges to allow the door to swing inwards or outwards to access your outdoors, especially for double doors. 

The View

The reflective quality of the large glass door panels of the patio door design allows for maximum natural light to enter your living space from the outdoor. It also allows you to have an unobstructed view of your backyard from the comfort of your home.

However, the large frames, hinges, or intricate designs of a garden door design acts as an obstruction allowing less light in your space.


A traditional patio door’s design has large, reflective glass panels that add a contemporary and modern feel to your outdoor space. Modern homeowners mostly favour this look.   Garden doors allow you to add texture and colour to your frames and hinges, thus giving a more elegant, polished and sophisticated feel to your outdoor and living space.


The unobstructed view due to the large glass panels and smaller frames of patio doors offer less privacy as everything is in plain view, and anyone can see right through your living space. However, with a garden door, the large customized frames and hinges can obstruct some view, thus providing a sense of privacy 


The sliding rack for the patio doors is known to cause accidents like tripping and falling when one is not careful. Whereas, garden doors are fitted with sills that help prevent the occurrence of trip and falls.

Custom designed patio doors and garden doors are a  great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your living space and your outdoor space. However, they both possess unique features that will prove to be beneficial when deciding which option to select. With proper installation and maintenance, both patio and garden doors can serve you well for a long time to come.