The average lifespan of an entry door is 15-20 years, so chances are every home owner will need to go through the door replacement process at some point. A new entry door can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, as well as your home’s energy efficiency and increase the noise reduction capabilities and security. However, with so many different form and function options available in new replacement doors, what should you be looking for?

To help you make the best choice for you and your home, we asked our door replacement expert to share their thoughts. The top tips have been shared below:

Door Material

Door materials range from wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and fiberglass. All of these materials are good options but have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to choose the right material that fits your needs, can handle your usage patterns and can withstand your local weather conditions. Outlining the different materials is a task for a future blog, for now a quick Google search will provide you with more information on the different door material types.


Your entry door influences your home’s curb appeal. When choosing a new front door, choosing one that represents your style will help incorporate your style into the home. There are no rules when it comes to home decor, but if you want your home to have a universal appeal, try and keep the doors aesthetic in line with your home’s architectural design.

Energy Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency is a major benefit of replacing your windows and doors. However, not all doors are made equally, and the efficiency rating will vary between one door to another. Any door you look to purchase should have an energy label affixed to it. This label indicates the level of energy efficiency of doors, the higher the efficiency rating the more the door will be able to reduce the amount you spend on your energy bills over time.

Locking Mechanism

A primary function of any external door is security. The door’s durability is important, but ultimately the locking mechanism is the most important security aspect. In most cases the locking mechanism and other hardware are sold separately from the door itself, so you have various options when choosing the right hardware to go with your new door. For extra security, you can opt to go with a multi-point locking system.


Installing a replacement door may be a good DIY project, but like any moving component in your home, the product is only as good as the installation. A professional windows and doors specialist will be able to install your new door properly, ensuring it is perfectly square and that proper screws are used, but they are also able to inspect the condition of the materials around the door and ensure that there is enough insulation around the frame to maintain higher efficiency levels.