Although single hung windows and double hung windows have some well-known similarities, and look very similar, they are not exactly identical as there are various factors that differentiate the two.

Both single hung and double hung window styles have two sashes. However, a single hung window’s top sash is fixed, meaning you cannot open and close it. The bottom sash is however operational, allowing for movement. On the other hand, double hung windows have two operational sashes, both top and bottom.

While this is the major difference between these two window styles, there are other differences that set them apart. We review these differences below:

Double hung windows are costlier

When it comes to the initial cost of installation, double hung windows are more expensive than the single hung alternatives. This is because of the more intricate manufacturing process and installation process. If you are on a tight budget for your window replacement, single hung windows will be the more economical option.

Single hung windows are more commonly used

Single hung windows have been around for several decades before the introductions of the double hung version. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that single hung windows are more common. You are very likely going to find single hung windows in many older homes, but many modern homes still incorporate this style.

Double hung windows are easier to clean and maintain

Since it is possible to open both sashes of a double hung window, you have a much easier time cleaning the entire window (inside and out) from inside your home. However, with single hung windows you do not have the same convenience. This is because you cannot open the top sash. So, you will need to clean it from the outside and will probably require the use of a ladder.

Single hung windows tend to be more energy efficient

The energy efficiency of windows can be quite tricky to determine, as there are many factors that can influence a windows efficiency. But in most cases, single hung windows are more energy-efficient than their double hung counterparts. This is because they have less moving parts, leaving less crevasse for air and heat to escape.

Double hung windows provide more of ventilation

Because you can open both sashes of a double hung window, it allows for more air to flow into your home than a single hung window. This particular factor can make a big difference in your comfort level as well as your heating and cooling costs.

Single hung windows may require fewer repairs

Since single hung windows do not have as many moving parts, they have less that can potentially go wrong.  However, if the damage is a broken window, double hung sashes are easier to repair or replace as they are not fixed into place.

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