When you think of a patio door, most of us envision a sliding glass door that leads to a back patio or yard. While this may be the most popular use and style for patio doors, it is not the only one. Consider alternative uses and style for your next patio door replacement. Patio doors can be used to add more beauty and luxury to your home, you only need to think of their unique uses.

To assist you to beautify your home with patio doors, here are 5 unique ways to use patio doors in your home.

Combine with oversized sidelights to create a window wall

Having the ability to combine your indoor and outdoor spaces is a luxury that unfortunately not every home can achieve. By creating an unobstructed view from the inside of your home to your yard, you will be able to create the feeling that your indoor space flows into your yard.

Choose a colourful, modern patio door

Patio doors are traditionally white, with fairly plain frames, but with emerging trends, there are plenty of other options available. You have the option of selecting from a wide range of colourful patio door options. Many manufacturers use uPVC, timber and aluminum frames to create patio doors with varying colours. The inside and outside colours of your doors can also differ.

Install space-saving sliding patio doors on your balcony

Another unique way to use patio doors in your home is to install a sliding patio door on your balcony. This space-saving door will make your home look modern and bring more natural light into the space.  In addition, sliding patio doors can play an important role in improving the thermal performance of your home. They are also easy to maintain, durable, and capable of resisting weather problems.

Combine French doors with sidelites and transoms

With a transom above your doors and sidelites along the sides of your doors, your patio door will look oversized and will also allow for plenty of light to enter your home. This style will also add additional visual emphasis on the door itself. Undoubtedly, it is a great combination for anyone that wants to make a bold statement with their patio door replacement.

Install patio doors in your home office

Spruce up your home office with a set of patio doors. With the aid of patio doors, you can easily ensure that your workspace is separated from the rest of your home to ensure that you can complete your work with little or no disturbance.

When it comes to a patio door replacement, you do not need to choose an identical replacement, there are many options available. On the same note, patio doors are not just to be used to access your yard, they can be used in varying ways around your home.