Which Windows to Choose for your Unique Home?

Which Windows to Choose for your Unique Home?

There is an extensive collection of windows from which you can choose for your home. These windows come in a wide array of designs, materials, frames, and energy efficiency. If you want to select the perfect window replacement for your home, consider the variety of windows discussed below.

Which Windows to Choose for your Unique Home?1. Casement Windows

These are hinged windows that are operated by turning a crank in its operating mechanism. They can be hinged on the right or left, and they open outward. When you are thinking about window replacement for your kitchen, casement windows are your best choice.

2. Double-Hung Windows

The main feature of the double-hung window is the presence of two sashes that slide vertically up and down in the frame. These windows can open from the bottom or top, but they remain inside the frame without protruding to either the interior or exterior of the house.

3. Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, but they open outward to let air into the house unhindered. They are versatile windows that can be installed below, above, or beside operating or stationary windows for more ventilation within the home. They are suitable for the living room and the kitchen.

4. Picture Windows

This type of window is both large and stationary. They provide maximum views of the outdoors and let the most light in the interior of the house. They are best suited for the room or place when airflow is not necessary because picture windows do not open.

5. Slider Windows

These windows glide along a track. They have at least one operating window that slides horizontally past or over the other window. They are not sealed as casement windows. They are mostly used for egress windows in the basement. They have large openings and are easy to operate.

6. Stationary Windows

Like their name, stationary windows do not open. They can be customized to fit in any shape or angle. They are used in modern or contemporary style houses in addition to other operating windows. They are used to provide natural lighting for areas that are dark in the home.

7. Jalousie Windows

These are perfect for areas with warm weather and parts of the home that do not require air conditioning. They are inexpensive and made up of glass slats inserted in metal clips rusty can be operated in unison, like lovers. Jalousies allow maximum airflow but provide narrow views. In addition, they are not as secure as other standard types of windows.

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Window Retrofit versus Replacement

Window Retrofit versus Replacement

If the windows in your home are of the older version, you may have been noticing air leaks, difficulty operating, frost build-up on the inside during cold. It may be the right time to replace your windows with modern and energy-efficient replacement windows. Although it seems an easy decision to make, you have to consider how those windows will be installed. However, you need to decide if you red window retrofit or complete window replacement.

Window Retrofit versus ReplacementWhat Is a Window Retrofit?

Window retrofit is the process of enhancing the existing windows with new, improved features for better performance. With a window retrofit, you get to replace only the sash of the windows. This is a cost-efficient procedure that improves the looks and quality of your windows.

When Do You Choose a Window Retrofit?

The conditions of your existing windows will determine if a retrofit is best or you should go for a full replacement. To decide that, hire a professional to assess your windows. Meanwhile, here are the conditions or factors that make a window retrofit the perfect choice for you.
a. Perfect Frame and Trim
If your window frames and trims are in the right conditions, then retrofit is the better option to go for. You would be able to save up on some money and enhance the energy efficiency of your home.
Retrofit is, also referred to as an insert or cash-only replacement. It is best suited for older homes where homeowners want to preserve the original look and historical value of their houses. As long as the frame and trim are in perfect condition, retrofit is the best choice.
b. Glass Replacement
If your existing windows only require glass replacement to become more energy-efficient and also lower your budget. Retrofit is recommended for homes with undamaged frames, trims, and sashes but only have a low-quality glass. You can take advantage of high-quality glass on the market.

When to Choose a full Window Replacement?

You, unavoidably, have to choose a full window replacement when the following factors are present:
a. Damaged Frames
If the existing windows have damaged, decayed, or rotten frame, complete window replacement is the best choice. Full replacement of windows with damaged frames will prevent the spread of mould and ensure better energy efficiency.
b. Need for Energy Efficiency
If you need to upgrade the efficiency of your home to cut down on your energy bills, full window replacement is the way to go. Replacement windows with enhanced materials have a longer lifespan and improved quality. You would benefit immensely from the energy efficiency of upgraded top-notch replacement windows on the market
c. Upgraded Style
Fill window replacement is best for you when you want to give a new look to your home. If you want to increase the curb of your home, window replacement is one of the procedures involved. Choose perfect windows considering design, trim, colour, corner blocks, and PVC jam extensions.

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What Type of Window Frame is Best?

What Type of Window Frame is Best?

Frames are equally important as the windows and doors because they determine the integrity and longevity of windows and doors. Window frames come in different materials, which have their peculiar features, strengths, and weaknesses. To learn about the best type of window frame, read this write-up further.

What Type of Window Frame is Best?1. Wood

Window frames that are made from wood are aesthetically appealing and are efficient insulators. They help to make the room energy-efficient by resisting the heat outside and keep the cool inside and vice versa depending on the prevalent temperatures inside and outside the room. However, wood is prone to wear and tear in high humid and rainy regions. You can increase the longevity of the wooden window frame with adequate maintenance. Note that wood contracts and expands due to weather; therefore, it will require sanding, painting, and sealing.

2. Wood-cladded

Wood-cladded frames are a blend of wood and other materials. Also, it involves the insulation of wood and other materials with the durability of other materials to make frames for windows and doors. Wood-cladded frames are made by using low maintenance and strong material for the exterior of the frame and using wood for the interior. This blend will produce low maintenance frames with high insulation features. Meanwhile, wood-cladded frames should be installed properly to ensure longevity and prevention of water damage to the wooded interior that results from shoddy workmanship.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum frames are solid and durable; however, they lack in insulation value. Aluminum can withstand rain and humidity but cannot keep heat or cold out; they are not energy-efficient. If you need an affordable, durable, and low maintenance frame for windows and doors, aluminum is the perfect material for you.

4. Composite

Composite frames are made from wood byproducts and plastic. They have a similar visual appearance to wood frames and also perform excellently like wood frames. They are low maintenance and efficient insulators. They perform better in terms of thermal resistance of wood. The plastic component of composite frames fit windows and doors makes them handle moisture well.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl frames are strong, affordable, and provide a high level of insulation. Vinyl frames are appealing but can become warped in hotter climates because they are made from PVC.

6. Fiberglass

Frames made for windows and doors using fiberglass are durable and provide amazing thermal resistance. They are resistant to pollutants and will not warp as a result of heat or moisture. The only downside of fiberglass is cost; fiberglass frames are more expensive than other materials.

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How Are Windows Rated for Efficiency?

How Are Windows Rated for Efficiency?

The days of installing windows and doors as merely fixtures have long gone. In the wake of energy conservation and cost reduction, there is a need to install windows and doors that fit perfectly into these goals.
Modern windows and doors are made to reduce heat loss and retain heat gain from the sun during the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer. Windows and doors are constructed in different ways to meet diverse levels of energy need within the home.
Windows and doors are made according to different levels of energy efficiency, and this determines their prices. Meanwhile, energy-efficient windows and doors, irrespective of their prices, help to save the cost of energy, which pays off over time for the cost of their purchase.

How Are Windows Rated for Efficiency?How Windows and Doors Are Rated for Efficiency

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is the non-profit body that certifies the energy efficiency of windows and doors. As a result, windows and doors have the Energy Star label explaining their levels of energy efficiency. Below are energy ratings of windows and doors:

1. The U-Factor

U-factor measures how easily heat passes through windows and doors. To reduce heat loss, windows and doors having a low U-factor are preferable. Old windows having a single pane of glass in an aluminum frame may have a U-factor of 1.3 while energy-efficient windows may have a low U-factor of about 0.1.
Note that the lower the rating of the U-factor, the better the insulation property of the windows and doors.

2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

This is the fraction of the solar heat or radiation that enters the house through the windows and doors. The lower the number, the less heat is allowed through the windows and doors. Windows and doors without higher numbers will make the indoor temperatures high, which may not be preferable during the summer.
As a result, windows and doors with lower SHGC ratings in warm climates are best to reduce the need for air conditioning which higher number SHGC should be chosen in cooler climates to enable the sun to heat the home in the winter. It is crucial to balance U-factor and SHGC with your area.

3. Air Leakage

This is the rate at which air passes through the windows and doors' frames. Lower numbers indicate that the window or door is more airtight. 0.3 is the standard code, but a lower number is not bad.

4. Visible Transmittance

Thus, rating concerns windows and doors with glass only. It is the amount of light allowed to pass through. A lower number indicates that the room will be dimmer, and vice versa.

5. Condensation Resistance

This measures how much moisture can build upon the surface of windows or doors, or between glazing layers. A lower number indicates more condensation on the windows and doors can build up.

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How Do I Stop Condensation On My House Windows?

How Do I Stop Condensation On My House Windows?

Homeowners have been struggling with condensation for centuries. Until science came around, nobody knew how to deal with it. Luckily enough, we are in the 21 century and it turns out condensation is easily solved.

First, you should know that exterior condensation can’t be stopped since it occurs because of natural and sudden temperature change. In fact, if your house windows have exterior condensation, you shouldn’t be worried at all. It means that you have proper insulation.

On the other hand, interior condensation is usually a sign for rooked windows or high humidity levels. Here is how to deal with it:

How Do I Stop Condensation On My House Windows?Control Water Vapour

There are a couple of causes for interior condensation. Your problem might be complicated or simple. To find out whether you are facing a more serious issue, start making baby steps like controlling water vapor.

Putting lids while cooking, drying clothes outside and turning up those vents may save you a ton of worries. Dehumidifiers also help and are usually placed in basements and attics to reduce chances for mold growth and rot.

Remove Plants

Even though plants look amazing on the inside, they do increase humidity levels. Your condensation may be occurring because you have plants that are too close to the windows. To deal with this, you can replace them with plastic ones and move the real ones outside.

There are a few plants that miraculously reduce humidity and can help you with your condensation. Such plants are Tillandsia, Peace Lilly, Epiphytes, Xerophytes, and Boston Fern.

Upgrade Doors & Windows

Sometimes neither cooking nor plants have to do anything with the problem. In older or faulty homes, windows and doors aren’t of the highest possible quality. This means that they are probably loose, detached, broken or scratched.

Damaged doors and windows lead to draftiness, poor soundproofing, rot, leaks, and high energy spending. One of the first signs of the need for window replacement is interior condensation.

The best way to be sure that it has nothing to do with your windows is to schedule a free consultation. If you know that it does, just update your windows and doors to Energy Star rated ones.

Improve Ventilation

Okay, so we discussed the worst and most common scenario – you need to do full on replacement. Let’s get back on track and discuss less expensive measures. After controlling water vapor and removing plants, you should put more focus on the quality of your ventilation.

Start with opening up your windows and doors at least twice a day. Afterward, install ceiling fans to get the air circulating. Think of cleaning your ducts and HVAC to assure you always get refreshed air. Some homeowners decide to create more window openings or change the window type.

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Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

Smart homeowners always look for ways to make their homes better. Your home is one of the biggest investments you have, both financially and emotionally. It’s a place where memories are built and where children become adults. Additionally, it’s a source of enormous financial income just waiting to activate.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?Doing 2-3 home upgrades a year is like regular visits to the doctor. Treat your house wisely and make sure that it’s always in top shape. Here is why you should choose window replacement in 2019:


Increased Curb Appeal

Besides fixing piping and upgrading electrical appliances, you should also put focus on your exterior looks. We wear clothes to make a statement. In a way, this also applies to our home’s exterior looks.
What statement do you want to make? Should you have benches in your garden? Do you want modern windows and doors or wooden and traditional ones?
Dressing your home to represent the energy inside is really important. This is an opinion also shared amongst modern homebuyers.
Research shows that when looking through a home, millennial buyers will most definitely spend more time in evaluating curb appeal and energy efficiency. New windows improve both. They refresh looks and improve efficiency!

Improved Energy Efficiency

New windows improve energy efficiency, but how? First, they are much more functional and effective in temperature and energy retain and second, they protect our homes from damaging UV rays.
With time our windows get old. In the first five years, your windows will protect the home as much as they can. Afterward, things will start to go astray. Here is what happens if you have an old or damaged window:

  • Draftiness and condensation
  • Leaks, cracks, and rot
  • Turning the HVAC/furnace almost all the time
  • Poor soundproofing
  • UV damage to furniture, artwork, and floor

Because new windows properly insulate your home, none of these signs will appear. The most important being no draftiness or heat on the inside. By not letting cool breezes enter in the winter or hot in the summer, new windows can cut 15% of your energy spending.

Better Security

As technology advances, new products step in the market. Window replacement means that you get to remove your old-fashioned windows and add new and modern ones instead.
Framing materials such as fiberglass and vinyl can protect your home even in the toughest weather. To make things even more appealing, new impact-resistant glass is almost unbreakable, keeping you out of harm’s way and safer from annoying burglars or intruders.

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How Do I Reduce my Electricity Bills?

How Do I Reduce my Electricity Bills?

Our bills are getting higher than ever and the weather is becoming even more difficult to handle. Our HVACs are always turned on in the summer and our furnaces in the winter. However, there are a couple of ways to get around these difficulties.

By using these 5 most effective tricks, you will cut your electrical bills by a significant percentage. Take some burden off your wallet:

How Do I Reduce my Electricity Bills?Windows And Doors

We tend to overlook the importance of windows and doors. Truth is, our energy spending depends on their quality. The most effective way of reducing electrical spending is to make sure your temperature is properly transferred and retain.
If you have old, wooden windows and doors heated air will come inside in summer and cool breezes in winter. This will make you turn on your appliances much more often. Additionally, you will also live in an extremely uncomfortable environment.

Smart Thermostats

The latest trend in modern homeowners is smart thermostats. This device has many benefits. First, it can be adjusted to your preferences. Second, it finds a way on its own to use minimum energy for achieving a certain goal.
Additionally, these devices show statistics on your energy spending. This will make you more aware of your actions, resulting in more careful and eco-friendly electrical usage.

Energy Star Appliances

In the marketplace, there are some appliances that are more energy efficient than others. These have high Energy Star ratings, meaning they spend less energy to get the same job done. The best thing about this is that almost every appliance has an Energy Star rated version of it out there.
From kettles and dryers to windows and doors, these appliances use 15-20% less energy to fulfill their duties. Imagine having 3 or 4 in your home. Your bills will get much lower than they are now.

Clean Filters

HVACs and furnaces work much worse when they aren’t cleaned. If turning on the HVAC isn’t enough, it probably has unclean filters and ducts. That’s why you should clean and upgrade these appliances right before summer and winter.
To get a bit of air circulation flowing, you can also install some ceiling fans. They will move the air in every direction, without using much electricity to do so.

Switch To LED

When it comes to switching appliances, try not to forget the lights! Compared to others such as incandescent and CFL, LEDs have much larger lifespans and use much less electricity. For instance, an LED costs $4, last 25 000 hours and uses 7 Watts. On the other hand, one incandescent bulb costs $1, but lasts only 1200 hours and uses 60 Watts.
You should also focus on installing as many solar lights as possible. If you can’t afford large solar panels, at least put some small bulbs in the backyard. That will save you some of your monthly bills.

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How To Tell If You Need New Windows?

How To Tell If You Need New Windows?

Windows don’t last forever. In fact, most of them barely get to reach 20 years. This isn’t because the material is of poor quality (even though sometimes this is the case), but because we don’t put in enough maintenance and the weather is extremely unpredictable.
Suspecting that you need window replacement isn’t enough, you still need to gather some substantial evidence. To help you out, here is where you should put your attention if you want to prove that your windows are failing at their job:

How To Tell If You Need New Windows?Drafitness

Nobody likes those cold breezes that come through our windows in winter. However, they happen frequently, especially in older homes. One of a window’s roles is to retain heat on the inside. That means that it stops interior air to go on the outside and exterior to come in. The reasons behind drafty windows are many, here are some of them:

  • Old windows, passed their maximum age
  • Poor installation or insulation
  • Cracks in the sash or frame
  • Poor manufacturing

Difficulties Operating

Another tattletale of a squeaking sound while operating. If you have difficulties closing or opening your windows, they probably need to be replaced. This includes weird sounds, the need to use more strength and a loose handle. As draftiness, difficulties while operating can happen for a number of reasons.
Old age is definitely a cause, but there are also other reasons such as a bad repainting job or improper installation. Try to oil up the locking system. If this doesn’t work, try new windows instead.

Bad Soundproofing

Besides protecting us from heat and cold from the outside, windows should also protect us from unwanted noise. Energy efficient, high-quality windows keep our homes care-free by preventing any kind of noise from reaching our ears.
Efficient windows also protect our privacies by keeping the noise we make strictly in the inside. What happens in our homes stays in our homes, right? If you notice that your neighbors are becoming too loud or they are giving you judgmental looks lately, consider replacement windows.

Cracks, Leaks and Rot

This sign is fairly obvious. If there are small pools beneath your windows when it rains, it’s time for replacement. Another sign is cracks on the frame or sash. These can happen because of termites, storms and old age. Sometimes the leaks and cracks can be fixed with partial replacement. This is why you should always consult with experts before you decide on a big renovation project.
If you have cracks and leaks, you might be experiencing soft or rotten frames. Rot is pretty common for wooden windows, as well as softness. They signify that there is some kind of water problem around your window. It may even be a wall crack or clogged gutters dripping directly in your opening.


There are 2 types of condensation: exterior and interior. The former is good, the latter isn’t. Exterior condensation means that your windows are working perfectly fine. In fact, it a sign for proper window function.
Condensation occurs when humid air touches a colder surface. So when the sun rises the air outside gets warmer. This warmer air touches a glass surface (takes a longer time heating up) and exterior condensation occurs.
But unlike the exterior, interior condensation is a sign that your windows aren’t working right. Sometimes it occurs because the windows are new and they don’t let anything pass through. But mostly it happens due to some malfunction. If you frequently have interior condensation, schedule a free consultation.

Faded Furniture

So windows should protect us from noise and outside weather, but what about the light? Yes, good windows prevent harmful UV rays from entering our homes. Despite being harmful for our skin, UV can damage certain materials as well. These include artwork, furniture, carpets and other textiles.
If the area around your windows is slowly fading away, you aren’t well protected from UV. In some situations, you’ll need to replace the glass only, in others the whole window. The framing material also has an impact on UV protection.

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How To Choose Curtains And Drapes?

How To Choose Curtains And Drapes?

There are tons of variations on drapery, considering style, fabric, colors and size. Additionally, one should ask themselves if they want to combine the curtains with linen or another window treatment like shades and blinds. So choosing curtains isn’t that easy as it sounds. To help you out, here are some tips on picking the right ones:

How To Choose Curtains And Drapes?The Ideal Room

To choose the right drapery, you should look deep into yourself. The choice you will make should depend on your personal preferences. But besides following your preferences on comfort, practicality and price, you should also consider the room which you are decorating.
For instance, some rooms require heavy and bold drapery, some light and colorful and others do not need drapery at all. So each room should have its own authentic curtains. This means that the ones in the living room shouldn’t be the same with those in the bathroom. Make the curtains a representation of a room, but also mind comfort.
You can add light weight drapery in the kitchen with unique colorful patterns. This will allow more natural light to enter and the preparing meals which become much more pleasant. For keeping privacy, add heavyweight drapery in bedrooms, but choose ones with an edgy and classy style. And in living rooms, install curtains which symbolize community and offer a welcoming and warm touch to the interior.


When choosing drapery, one should also mind small practicalities. Maybe in the beginning, maintenance won’t seem that difficult, but as time passes, you will surely start to get annoyed by curtains which are difficult to clean.
That’s why when deciding what kind of curtains to purchase, always mind the cleaning instructions. Some can be cleaned in a washing machine, some by hand and other will be in need of a professional cleaning service. So consult with your partner which method you prefer and choose the curtains accordingly. What bothers you more? Taking the curtains every month for dry cleaning or scrubbing them by hand?

The Ideal Size

Sometimes, however, we must choose “only dry-clean” curtains. This is because those that can be washed at home usually aren’t of higher quality. A good thing to know is that after every wash, low-quality curtains get smaller. To protect your room from this problem, always choose curtains which are a little bit larger (a couple of inches) than necessary. Only do this if you are planning to purchase cheaper curtains.
When it comes to proper measurements and window – curtain ratios, there are a some general rules designers use. The main rule is to place the panel 6 inches above the window frame and to add 4-8 inches more on each side (left & right). This way you will have “a breathing area” when the curtains are opened and blocked view when they are closed. The choice of the curtain height is up to you. Whether it will fall to the ground or just beneath the window is a matter of style and preferences.


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Which Blinds are best for privacy?

Which Blinds are Best for Privacy?

Besides adding aesthetic value, window treatment also protects us from the eyes of strangers. But when choosing the best blinds, one should also mind the amount of natural light. There have been tons of cases where homeowners picked a hard window treatment and all they got was minimum light and high electrical bills.
Even though blinds are a specific window treatment (with rotating slats), as a word “blinds” is used for every treatment out there, including shades and shutters. So here are the best blinds for keeping privacy and comfort at the same time:

Which Blinds are best for privacy?Hardwood Blinds

The classic option for window treatment is hardwood blinds. The color and weight of hardwood barely let any light pass through, but the one they do looks amazing due to color and light reflections. These blinds are ideal for keeping a traditional yet welcoming and warm look. Additionally, you will get much better protection with hardwood blinds than with aluminum or PVC.
Roller Shades
Opened from bottom to top and fully covered in fabric, roller shades are commonly chosen for maintaining privacy. There are special versions, called blackout roller shades that have high UV resistance and privacy protection. They are usually placed in bedrooms or study rooms. There are tons of other roller shades out there, some with unique and fun patterns, looking like an artwork when closed.

Cellular Shades

The most popular choice for modern homes, cellular, also known as honeycomb, offer maximum practicality. Regular shades are opened only from bottom to top, whereas cellular can be opened from both sides. With this mechanism, you can only keep the bottom window part covered thus maintaining privacy and the top part opened, thus allowing natural light to enter. Besides practicality, cellular shades are amazing insulators and add a unique look to a room.


This window treatment is almost always combined with another one such as drapes, blinds or shades. Shutters are usually made from thick wood and block every view from the outside. They are found in traditional homes and are a key factor for maintaining that kind of aesthetic. Modern shutters tilt, allowing privacy protection and natural light at the same time.

Vertical Blinds

There are two main types of blinds: Venetian and vertical. Both give amazing protection, but the latter is a very common choice. So to spice things up in your home, while also staying protected choose vertical blinds. Their slats are usually larger and they block almost every part of your view. Modern vertical blinds are automatically operated with buttons and they can slide through the window.

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