The significance of windows on the aesthetics and economic value of a house cannot be downplayed. Right windows enhance the curb appeal of a house, as well as the energy efficiency of a house. However, if your home is about 20 years old, you certainly need window replacement because the windows may have exceeded their lifespan and lost their efficiency.

What Are The Signs You Need New Windows?If you are thinking of window replacement and wish to know the signs you need new windows, read the tips below to guide you appropriately.

1. Increasing Energy Bills

One of the signs you need new windows is the increase in energy bills. The chances are that your HVAC unit is working more than necessary to keep your home warm or cooling due to the outdoor air that enters the house through cracks or holes on your windows. Compare the current energy bills with what they used to be about six months ago. If you have not purchased a new appliance and there is a significant increase in the energy bills, start fixing the issues by replacing your windows.

2. Physical Damage

You do not need to be told that you need window replacement when your windows have visible signs of damage like warping, cracking, rot, damaged hinges that make a squeaking noise, and lots more. Take a walk around your house and examine all the windows in your home for visible physical damage that undermines their efficiency.

3. Window Operation

Another sign you need new windows is the difficulty in opening and closing your windows. Your windows should not be difficult to open or close. But the moment you can no longer operate your windows without hassles, prepare for window replacement to avoid an accident that may result from forcing your windows to open or close.

4. Poor Soundproofing

If your windows can no longer reduce outdoor noise when closed, your windows have failed and list their soundproofing property. Your windows should prevent noises outside your home from disturbing you. But once you get disturbed by the sound of a passing vehicle and other noises across the road, you should have window replacement done in your home as soon as possible.

5. Condensation

If your windows look foggy and you cannot see the outdoors through them, and the fog fails to evaporate, your windows should be replaced soon. What that means is that your window cannot protect your home from the external temperature any longer.

Consider the five signs above to plan for window replacement in your home. Replace the windows to experience more comfort in your home.