Although the usual lifespan of windows is 20 years, you may need window replacement sooner than the expected lifetime of your windows due to certain critical factors. Several factors determine the durability of your windows, such as the materials used, quality of installation, and other factors within the home.

How Do You Know If Your Window Needs Replacing?However, carrying out a window replacement project at the right time will help to prevent further inconvenience and resulting effects of worn windows. As a result, read the tips below to know if your windows need replacing.

1. Drafts

If your windows allow drafts into your house and you feel the outdoor temperature filtering with your home, you need window replacement. Your windows are not functioning appropriately again. If your windows have single-pane glass, you can upgrade them to double glazing to keep drafts out. Note that having drafts and cold air in your home could be that the window seal or caulking has been removed. Thus, replace the windows as soon as possible.

2. Visible Damage

Your windows are exposed to the harsh elements and frequent operation, which make them subject to damage. Little wear and tear may have accumulated and resulted in significant damage that causes your windows to underperform. With visible signs such as rotting frames, removed or cracked caulking, gaps in the windows broken glass, and removed sashes, among others, you unavoidably need window replacement.

3. Condensation

If your windows are double glazing and have condensation inside the panes, which makes the windows look foggy, you need to replace the windows. The implication is that your windows have failed and will not keep your home as warm as expected. This will also affect the energy efficiency of your home if left not replaced.

4. Faded Carpet, Curtains and Furniture

If some parts of your curtains, carpet, and furniture, that are close to the windows appear more faded than the rest, the chances are that your windows have failed and allowed the harmful UV-rays into your house. Do not think twice; call a professional contractor for window replacement to protect your properties from the damaging ultraviolet rays.

5. Difficult Windows Operations

When your windows can no longer open or close without giving a struggle as if you are fighting, you undoubtedly have to replace them. You should not have to engage in a fitness test when opening or closing your windows.

The above are signs that your windows need replacing. Take advantage of high-quality and modern designs of windows on the market for your window replacement project.