Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

When looking at window replacement for your home you have many options in terms of design, colour, style, and functionality. But one question we get often is: Should I replace all my windows at once?

The short answer is that you do not need to replace all of your windows at the same time, but there may be benefits in doing so. Buying new windows is an investment in your home, and you shouldn’t sacrifice quality, style preference, or performance in an attempt to meet a timeline.

Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?Here are four factors to keep in mind when deciding on which windows replace:

1. Cost

The overall cost of the project needs to be taken into consideration. Price per window will decrease when replacing multiple windows at the same time, if your project is keeping the window replacement team busy for the entire day (usually a minimum of 6-8 windows) you should be receiving the best value. On the other hand, if you are looking to replace a window or two, you may be paying a premium.

2. Aesthetics

Maintaining the aesthetics of your home is very important, especially if you are considering only replacing a few windows at a time. People will opt into replacing an entire side or one level of their home to maintain a uniformed look versus randomly choosing windows to replace.

3. Budget

If replacing windows for the entire home is in your budget but you are concerned about the inconvenience it may cause to you and your family, do not be alarmed. Replacing windows for an entire house can be done much quicker than most renovation projects such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel. A professional team of window installers can replace the windows in an average sized home in two to three days, this includes cleaning up daily and the removal of the old windows and all garbage.

4. Benefits

One big advantage of replacing all your windows at once is that you will fully take advantage of the benefits of the new windows including improved energy efficiency, enhanced safety and security, improved functionality, enriched aesthetics, and an increase in the overall value of your home.

Ultimately the decision on if you should replace all your windows at once is up to you and your situation. If you have a damaged window or just a few that are in bad shape you can choose to replace those individually, but if you are in the position to complete the project all at once you will benefit from all of the advantages that window replacement has to offer and heighten the overall beauty of your home.

What Are The Signs You Need New Windows?

What Are The Signs You Need New Windows?

The significance of windows on the aesthetics and economic value of a house cannot be downplayed. Right windows enhance the curb appeal of a house, as well as the energy efficiency of a house. However, if your home is about 20 years old, you certainly need window replacement because the windows may have exceeded their lifespan and lost their efficiency.

What Are The Signs You Need New Windows?If you are thinking of window replacement and wish to know the signs you need new windows, read the tips below to guide you appropriately.

1. Increasing Energy Bills

One of the signs you need new windows is the increase in energy bills. The chances are that your HVAC unit is working more than necessary to keep your home warm or cooling due to the outdoor air that enters the house through cracks or holes on your windows. Compare the current energy bills with what they used to be about six months ago. If you have not purchased a new appliance and there is a significant increase in the energy bills, start fixing the issues by replacing your windows.

2. Physical Damage

You do not need to be told that you need window replacement when your windows have visible signs of damage like warping, cracking, rot, damaged hinges that make a squeaking noise, and lots more. Take a walk around your house and examine all the windows in your home for visible physical damage that undermines their efficiency.

3. Window Operation

Another sign you need new windows is the difficulty in opening and closing your windows. Your windows should not be difficult to open or close. But the moment you can no longer operate your windows without hassles, prepare for window replacement to avoid an accident that may result from forcing your windows to open or close.

4. Poor Soundproofing

If your windows can no longer reduce outdoor noise when closed, your windows have failed and list their soundproofing property. Your windows should prevent noises outside your home from disturbing you. But once you get disturbed by the sound of a passing vehicle and other noises across the road, you should have window replacement done in your home as soon as possible.

5. Condensation

If your windows look foggy and you cannot see the outdoors through them, and the fog fails to evaporate, your windows should be replaced soon. What that means is that your window cannot protect your home from the external temperature any longer.

Consider the five signs above to plan for window replacement in your home. Replace the windows to experience more comfort in your home.

How Can I Increase Sunlight in My House?

How Can I Increase Sunlight in My House?

Apart from making you feel warm, sunlight also stimulates the production of collagen and the absorption of calcium, phosphate, and magnesium through vitamin D that it provides. All these are necessary for improved overall health and wellness. As a result, finding how to increase sunlight in your home is a wise way to enhance your health and make your house lit by natural light (sunlight). Read further for the tips to have more sunlight in your house.

How Can I Increase Sunlight in My House?1. Window Replacement

The first tip to increase sunlight in your house is through window replacement. Replacing old, blurry, broken, and dim-looking windows with new windows are the way to go. Also, you can go for larger windows or sliding, bay, or bow windows to let the most sunlight into your house. Window replacement is a hassle-free way to achieve your goal.

2. Add Skylights

Installing skylights is the fastest way to have more sunlight in your home. Skylights are available in different sizes, and best suited in high-traffic spaces like family rooms and bathrooms. So, get more sunlight in your home by installing skylights. But you must let the project be handled by a professional due to its process of installation to prevent leaking. With skylights installed, you are assured of having the sun-lit and moon-lit sky right in your home.

3. Install Shiny Objects and Mirrors

Another way to increase sunlight in your house is to install mirrors and items that have high reflective properties. Mirrors and other shiny accessories will reflect and amplify the sunshine in your house. You can look for decorative objects made of glass or that have a shiny finish that you can place strategically in your home to increase sunlight.

4. Trim Tree Branches and Shrubs in Your Home

Trim tree branches that cover your entry door and your windows. This will allow sunlight to gain entrance into your home instead of the shade cast on your windows and doors by tree branches. Besides, cut the shrubs around your home. In addition to letting sunlight into your home, it will also increase the curb appeal of your home.

5. Remove Heavy Curtains

To increase sunlight in your home, remove all the heavy and dark draperies and curtains blocking sunlight. Instead, use sheer curtains to allow sunlight to come through them and illuminate your home.

Above are the ways you can increase sunlight in your house. Following the tips above will help you enjoy the benefits that sunlight offers right from inside your home.

Why Bedrooms With Large Windows Are Awesome?

Why Bedrooms With Large Windows Are Awesome?

Installing the right window is crucial to making a room perfect and meeting the expected goals. If your bedroom does not have large windows, you may have to undertake a window replacement after reading this article to the end.

Why Bedrooms With Large Windows Are Awesome?Bedrooms with large windows have always proven to be awesome, exceptionally aesthetic, and provide the perfect ambiance for relaxation and sleep. Meanwhile, we want to give you the reasons why such bedrooms are fantastic to assist you in making a window replacement decision. Read further.

1. More Natural Light

One of the challenges many homeowners are faced with these days is how to bring in more natural light into their bedrooms. No bias can downplay the importance of natural light. As a result, bedrooms that have large windows automatically have more natural light in them. If you want more natural light in your bedroom, think about installing large windows during a window replacement exercise.

2. Good Ventilation

Large windows will allow fresh air into the bedroom, and you can get rid of stuffiness in the room. You can open the windows whenever you want and have fresh, natural air in the bedroom. Take advantage of large windows by undertaking a window replacement project to make your room well-ventilated.

3. Enhanced Aesthetics

Bedrooms with large windows also have an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The reason is that the outdoors will serve as scenery that will contribute to the aesthetics of the bedroom. The large windows allow you to have the outdoors inside the bedroom without posting wallpapers to your walls. To have a similar experience, start a window replacement project today.

4. Multiple Window Treatment Options

Large windows allow you to mix and match different window treatments in the bedroom. You can install ceiling-to-floor heavy draperies in addition to light curtains, which can be used interchangeably according to the level of privacy needed during the day or night. These window treatments will improve the interior aesthetics of the bedroom.

5. Panoramic Views of the Outdoor

The large windows in the bedroom allow you to view the outdoor landscape, trees, shrubs, fountains, etc. from the comfort of your bedroom. This is only possible with large windows installed. Bedrooms with large windows are perfect. You can experience a suitable balance with the outdoors while in your room.

The above are some of the reasons bedrooms with large windows are awesome. To make your bedroom awesome, install large windows. Call an experienced installer for a high-quality window replacement that will allow you to benefit from the advantages discussed above.

What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?

What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?

So, you are considering window replacement for your home and research the best types for insulation and comfort boost inside your property. And you see everywhere that specialists advise choosing an energy-efficient window replacement solution, as those can save you a lot of costs. But at the same time, you question what makes a window energy efficient. Well, you are in the right place, because we’ve shared in this article in-depth details about energy-efficient windows. Let’s see up next why you should consider energy-efficient window replacement solutions.

What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?What are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows are created to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping a home. These solutions come with better insulation, which in turn diminishes a house energy usage. And the best part of the energy-efficient windows is that they make your home more comfortable.

How do Energy-Efficient Windows Work?

The design of an energy-efficient window is a vast gathering of top-notch materials that function together to provide the best insulation approach for an interior. First of all, the quality of the material used for the frame is extremely important. Low-maintenance framing materials can diminish heat transfer and insulate better.

Also, the multiple pane windows are the best window replacement solution, as two or more glass panes come with increased impact resistance, sound insulation, and overall improved interior insulation. And the most qualitative window replacement ideas come with Low-E glass, a special coating that reflects light and keeps the heat inside in winter and outside in summer. Also, this type of coating prevents UV damage and allow natural light to enter a home without obstructions.

Some types of energy-efficient windows come with gas fills, such as argon or krypton. These are odourless and non-toxic gases that aid in insulation and shield the home against energy leakages. And the best energy-efficient windows come with warm edge spacers, which keeps the glass panes at the right distance. This diminishes heat transfer through the windows, which in turn prevents condensation or fog from occurring.

Why are Window Frame Materials Essential?

The best and most efficient windows are designed from top-notch, durable materials. As an example, fiberglass is a popular choice amongst homeowners due to its low-maintenance and good insulation results. Also, fiberglass frames can come with hollow or filled with foam insulation. Vinyl frames are also easy to maintain and offer decent thermal insulation. Composite frames are created from distinct materials that were mixed together with a manufacturing process to achieve a durable and well-insulated window frame.

So, now that you know more details about what makes a window energy-efficient, maybe it is time to contemplate window replacement for your home. New windows can offer a lot of advantages and can save you unnecessary costs in your energy bill.

5 Types of Window Frames for Your Home

5 Types of Window Frames for Your Home

Knowing the types of window frames available for your window replacement project will assist you in making an informed decision about purchasing the right window frame for your home. It is essential to know that window frames come in different materials and finishes that have a significant impact on performance, durability, and aesthetics.

5 Types of Window Frames for Your HomeRead this article further to know the five types of window frames available for window replacement in your home.

1. Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl window frames are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are your perfect choice for perfect insulation. If you need window frames that are versatile and compatible with a wide variety of window types – they match any style of window. Vinyl window frames are the most popular framing choice. You can get the highest level of moisture resistance from vinyl window frames. They are more affordable and durable than other types.

2. Fiberglass Window Frames

Fiberglass window frames another type of window frame that offers the highest resistance to weathering and extreme changes in temperature. They are made of sustainable materials. They are incredibly energy-efficient and provide excellent insulation. Fiberglass is durable and lasts longer than some types of window frames. However, the downside of the fiberglass window frame is that they are more costly.

3. Aluminium Window Frames

If you need window frames that are rugged and durable, aluminium window frames are a perfect choice. They require little or no maintenance, especially when you painted them. Aluminium is resistant to rot and sunlight damage. The aesthetics property of aluminium window frames is impressive – they are sleek and beautiful. However, the downsides of aluminium window frames include poor insulation (as they conduct heat), and they are expensive.

4. Wooden Window Frames

Wooden window frames are made from wood. They are attractive and durable when appropriately maintained. Wooden window frames are the most expensive, but they are vulnerable to rot and weathering under extreme temperatures. The natural grain of wooden window frames makes them suitable for vintage design. However, they require a lot of care and maintenance.

5. Composite Window Frames

Composite window frames are made from composite wood products such as wood fibre, particleboard, and strand lumber to imitate original wood appearance. They usually contain vinyl or aluminium covering that serves as a protection to the wood. Composite window frames are a hybrid of wood and vinyl or aluminium. They are expensive, but they possess excellent qualities.

Your budget, style, and preferences will determine which of these window frames to purchase for your window replacement project.

What is the Difference Between Casement and Awning Windows?

What is the Difference Between Casement and Awning Windows?

If you are planning a window replacement project, it is crucial to understand the differences between casement and awning windows to make the best decision. Casement and awning windows are perfect for any window replacement exercise, but some differences make one better for a location than the other.

As a result, we have compiled the differences between casement and awning windows to make your window replacement project effortless and smooth. Read more.

Differences between Casement and Awning Windows

The following are some differences between casement and awning windows:

1. Hinge System

Although casement and awning windows are crank windows, they are hinged differently. Casement windows are hinged at the side and can open to either right or left, depending on which side it is hinged to the window frame. On the contrary, awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. Your preferred hinge system will determine the suitable type for your window replacement project.

2. Space Configuration

Casements windows are perfect for openings with a higher height than the width. Awning windows, on the other hand, are best suited for openings with a greater width than the height. The window space will determine the best between casement and awning windows for your window replacement task.

3. Opening Space

The structure of the casement and awning windows determines the space they need to open fully. Although the two types of windows open outwards, awning windows require ample space outdoor to open fully. Meanwhile, casement windows require less space to open fully. This factor can impact your experience; that is why you should measure window space and choose the appropriate type between casement and awning windows.

4. Ease of Cleaning

It is much easier to clean casement windows than awning windows. Cleaning is a factor that should be prioritized when choosing the window for specific rooms in your house. Casement windows open up to 90 degrees and can be cleaned thoroughly from inside. To clean awning windows, you have to go outside and use a ladder. As a result, if the window you want to install in a particular room requires regular cleaning, choose casement windows after considering other factors discussed above.

5. Orientation

Casement windows are designed with vertical orientation and area hinged to either the right or left side of the frame. Awning windows have horizontal orientation and hinged at the top. Casement windows swing open like doors while awning windows open outwardly upward.

Regardless of your choice between casement and awning windows, you can complete your window replacement project with peace of mind. They are both energy-efficient and will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Meanwhile, your window space and preference will determine your choice.

What Factors Influence the Price of Replacement Windows?

What Factors Influence the Price of Replacement Windows?

Replacing your windows is a good way to protect the value of your home. However, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing your replacement windows. For example, the cost will depend on how old your home is, what kind of window you’re replacing, and how your window is installed. But, once you get a window replacement, it can save you in the long run on energy and heating bills.

Here are the 5 factors that influence the price of replacement windows:

1. Type or Replacement

Another factor that impacts the cost of window replacement is the kind of replacement required for the replacement project. The condition of the existing window will also contribute to the convenience or otherwise of the required procedure. If the installation required is a full-frame replacement or a window insert, the cost of installation will differ as the level of work involved is more than the other. This factor directly affects the cost of labor.

2. Hardware

The cost to install a replacement window can also be affected by the type and amount of window hardware used in making the window. The locks, sashes, casement hardware, screen and storm, transom, etc. used in designing a window will contribute to cost replacing windows.

3. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a window, comprising its style, design, materials, and finish, will contribute to its physical appearance. It is important to state that attractive windows will cost more than simple designs. And if you are purchasing three or more of that kind of windows, it can have a significant impact on the overall cost of window replacement.

4. Window Company

It is essential to search for different window companies and compare their prices when you want to undertake a window replacement project. Some window companies will charge more based on their popularity, experience, and the number of years in the industry. You should look around and get the best value for your money at affordable prices.

5. Mode of Purchase

Although you can make your findings online when you want to purchase replacement windows, you should visit the physical warehouse or office of the window company you want to purchase from. You would be given lower prices based on your bargaining strength. The cost of window replacement will be lower when you go to the physical shop compared to when you ordered online.

5 Benefits of Windows and Doors Replacement

5 Benefits of Windows and Doors Replacement

Did you know approximately 70% of a home’s energy loss occurs in windows and doors? Windows and doors are an important component of your home that drastically affects your comfort and energy bills.

5 Benefits of Windows and Doors ReplacementHere are the 5 benefits of windows and doors replacement:

1. Light Control

New replacement windows are designed in different ways. If you wish to control the amount of light that enters a particular room, you only have to purchase photochromic windows. You would be able to regulate natural light in your house. You can also request custom-made windows that meet your needs or room requirements.

2. Better View

Besides, creating a dramatic improvement in the beauty of the home, you can have a better view from inside the house. You will be able to see through without any obstruction or a film of dirt on the window. Also, you can choose a design that will allow you to see outside. Then you can sit and relax by the window.

3. Increased Home Value

Replacing windows and doors is a home improvement that increases the value of a home. If you are thinking of selling your home, replacing the windows and doors is a wise investment that guarantees a higher return on investment. Get the best value possible for your home.

4. Reduces Fading

You will be able to stop the ultraviolet rays from entering the house because the new windows are efficient and enhanced against the harmful UV-rays. Consequently, your belongings will not be faded any longer.

5. Savings on HVAC Maintenance

With a draft getting inside the house, the home becomes less energy-efficient. The heater and air conditioner in the house will be working excessively and harder to heat or cool the house. Over time, the HVAC system will require frequent and costly repairs and maintenance. However, when you replace your windows and doors, the energy efficiency of your home will increase. As a result, your HVAC system will work less, and you will be able to save money on repairs and maintenance.

You can take advantage of the benefits stated above by replacing your windows and doors. However, you need to choose the right ones for your home to have a pleasant experience. If you cannot decide on the perfect windows and doors for your home, contact a contractor to assist you. Know that replacing your windows and doors is a viable project and investment with a high return on investment.

5 Window Maintenance Tips

5 Window Maintenance Tips

Before going into details about you can maintain your windows, it is good to know what benefits you stand to gain from maintaining your windows regularly. Here are the benefits of regular window maintenance.


Maintaining your new windows regularly will keep them in top functional and aesthetic conditions. All the moving parts will be easy to operate due to regular maintenance, and damaged parts will be repaired. As a result, your windows will last for a long time, longer than if you did not maintain them.

Reduction in Energy Bills

Another benefit you get from regular window maintenance is low energy bills. By keeping your windows in the proper condition, you would be able to prevent draft, plug holes, and repair damaged seals. As a result, your windows will be energy-efficient, which will cause your heating and cooling requirements to be low with a resultant reduction in energy bills.

Enhanced Security

Poorly-maintained windows are usually the targets of burglars because they can gain entry to the house through windows that are in a bad state. Consequently, when you carry out regular maintenance on your windows, they will be sturdy, reliable, and challenging to break down by burglars. Hence, you and your property will be safe.


Regular windows maintenance help to keep your windows in a good state. Although window replacement or replacement windows can be included in the maintenance process, it will not be all the windows that will require replacement except for facelift purposes. As a result, you get to save money you could have unavoidably spent on changing your windows.

5 Window Maintenance Tips

Here are the 5 window maintenance tips:

1. Rot Removal

Another tip for regular window maintenance is to remove any type of rot on your windows. This is important to stop the spreading of the rot to other parts. After scraping rotten parts, fill the spot with Epoxy putty for an aesthetic finish.

2. Vacuum Window Screens

As part of your regular window maintenance tips, you should make sure that you clean the window screens in your house. Remove the window screens and take them outside. Lay them flat on the floor and vacuum off the dirt on the screens. After that, pour soapy water on the screen to remove dust or stain on them before replacing them to your windows.

3. Fumigate the House

If you have wooden windows in your home, you need to fumigate your surroundings to get rid of ants and termites that may crawl up to the windows and damage the frames and windows. Besides, disinfecting your home will also help to control insects and pests in your home.

4. Installation of Storm Windows

To keep your windows in their best condition, you can install storm windows to protect them against harsh weather conditions like strong winds and storms. Storm windows help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you are tight on budget, storm windows are the perfect alternatives for you.

5. New Windows

If the existing windows in your home have entirely worn out, you should consider installing new windows to keep your home energy-efficient. New windows offer several benefits that will give you value for money spent.