With all the talk about window replacement, one cannot but start to wonder if new windows are needed for their home as well. There have been several concluded benefits that homeowners can get from window replacement such as higher energy efficiency, the best technological advancements, increased security, improved quality of insulation, protection from UV damage and protection from difficult weather conditions. Besides helping to maintain a healthy and energy efficient household, new window also prove to be a large investment return as they partake in increasing home value.

Are Window Replacements a Good Investment?The Numbers

Depending on the material and work involved, a window replacement can cost from $200 to $1200. The factors which influence pricing are the type of window, the amount of manual work, energy efficiency, window size and window material. This would have posed an issue for many homeowners if energy efficient windows didn’t cut up 15% of energy bills while also adding a large chunk of dollars to a home’s value. With thorough research and price comparison, you can get around the pricing and find the ideal window solution at the same time. For instance, vinyl is one of the least expensive window materials ($100-$900) and the most energy efficient one. The bigger the amount you spend on energy efficient windows in your home, the bigger will be the value on the cheque when you decide to sell. That is why investing in vinyl windows has an investment return of 89%. If wisely done, investing in a $9000 vinyl upgrade can add to $8000 on a home’s value.


Some things are overlooked when you move into a new home. With time, those things start to become visible and annoying like for instance bumping your head from the outside window. The way the space of your home is organized has a large role in practicality. That is why room size and function should always influence the type of windows chosen for them. For instance, sliding windows are recommended for smaller rooms because of minimum space blockage. Furthermore, picture windows are installed in areas which have less access to natural light and awning windows are usually found in bathrooms because of the 45 angled openings which provide the best possible air breeze. Windows should also be installed according to the best possible route of exit. This means that when replacing your windows, you should take into consideration your emergency exit plan. With proper and detailed planning, new windows can improve the functionality in your home.

Comfort Satisfaction

Another thing that can happen with the passage of time is loss of functionality and therefore comfort. Each type of window has a unique life span. Sometimes it is 40 years and sometimes 15. Add bad weather into the mix and those numbers can cut in half. To increase the comfort in your home you can always go with window replacement. A big part of comfort is room temperature. Poorly functioning windows will interfere with the temperature you have set for the room. They won’t absorb hot air in the summer and cool air in the winter. In fact, they will let it all in right in front of your nose. This is one of the main reasons why window replacement has a significant impact on energy efficiency. Another threat for comfort is poor soundproofing. As thermostatic energy, noise should also be absorbed by windows. If you are constantly bothered by your neighbors’ rattle, a simple investment in glass upgrade will definitely tighten the seals and ensure you an unwanted-noise free home environment.

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