Before moving into a new house, no homeowner had in mind collecting excess rainwater with a bucket or an old towel. However, water leaks happen despite our ideas and desires. Preventing unwanted water to enter your home through a window leak is fairly easy, but finding the cause and permanent solution requires a hand of an expert – a contractor.

Why Are My Windows Leaking?Here are some of the common reasons for why windows leak:

Flawed Windows

Some window leaks are caused by the windows themselves and others are caused by outside forces. This category of flawed windows is meant for all who purchased poorly designed window parts and for those who poorly designed them:

Glass sealant – If your window leaks are coming from between the glass panes, you are facing damaged glass sealant. Glass replacement is necessary in this situation as without insulating gas your window loses almost all function.
Low quality product – It isn’t so often, but window leaks can also be caused by low quality materials. They can also be physically damaged while being distributed and installed.
Paint seal – the average homeowners may not know this, but contractors use paint as a seal between the frame and glass. If paint doesn’t overlap the glass, it may cause window leaks. A good tip for your next repainting project, n’est pas?
Broken caulk – Sometimes pieces of window caulk brake. Caulk is just another way of sealing the windows, so logically broken caulk will make way for tons of window leaks.

Flawed Installation

Most window leaks happen because of flawed installation. This is why when you go to window forums or websites, the most common advice given is to observe and ask questions about the installation process. Things that can occur during a flawed installation are:

Improper leveling – The terms plumb, level and square are commonly used in the “window” world. If the installed window doesn’t meet its leveling requirements then it will start becoming loose therefore less energy efficient and filled with water leaks.
Improper sealing – these days sealing is usually done with an expanding foam. If less foam is used than the needed amount, air and eventually water will get through the holes between the window and the wall.

If you are facing an issue of this parameter, a window replacement is a must. Consult with contractors and experts to truly pinpoint the cause and find the ideal solution.

It Isn’t The Window At All!!!

While many causes for water leaks are linked with the windows, some may be the fault of other home parts. Here is how one functionality issue can lead to another and result in confusion or lots of repair money for homeowners and contractors:

Overhangs – If the number of overhangs isn’t enough to keep your home dry, the result is window leaks. Overhangs dry up water on the actual roof and prevent it from coming down your windows. Sometimes, homes aren’t that well planned and your water leaks may be a result of poor architecture.
Fascia Boards– they should be placed so that water is directed away from the unit. If the angle of the fascia isn’t aligned with the window position, rain may fall directly into your living room.
Wall leaks – If your window leak is placed at the top of the window or it’s frame, you aren’t facing a window leak at all. Wall leaks can act mischievous and disguise themselves as window leaks. Check for mold or wall cracks in the surrounding area and prepare, you might even be facing a roof leak.

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