Have you looked at your electrical bills recently? Are they higher than you expected? Fear not since there is a simple way of reducing them – with energy efficient upgrades. For instance, did you know that high quality, Energy Star windows can cut your monthly spending for 15%? An interesting fact, right? Check out our list below to see other types of efficient upgrades and the wonderful things they can do for the environment and for our wallets:

What are the Key Features of an Energy Efficient House?Windows & Doors

You have the constant need to turn on the heater, even though it’s warm outside? The main factor that determines efficiency is the quality of windows and doors. Their role is to connect the interior with exterior spaces while also protecting the home from heat/cool loss. And if these appliances are old, rotten, poorly insulated or damaged in any way, they won’t transfer heat properly and will make the bill go higher. To avoid this from happening, check the signs for damage or simply schedule a free consultation to learn more quickly whether your home needs door and window replacement.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can save up to 18% of electrical bills. And this isn’t the only reason why homeowners are dazzled by them. This product has the highest ratings when it comes to heating and cooling systems. With tracking your daily routines, this thermostat will program itself and start to efficiently control temperature while also satisfying your comfort needs. It also remembers and keeps track of every activity, so you can check the overall electrical usage at any time. The ideal way to increase awareness, efficiency, and comfort at the same time.

Efficient Roofs

Neither upgrade will matter if your roof is leaky and old. Most heating and cooling losses happen through the roof. When it comes to choosing the right one, lots of factors are involved such as durability, lifespan, maintenance, and price. However, you should also look out for energy efficiency ratings since if of higher quality, the roof can save up to 20% of your bills. Some strong materials like tile and metal can push efficiency boundaries even more and increase that percentage to 40.

Eco Appliances

Energy efficient or eco appliances use minimum energy to do their jobs. Yes, an efficient kettle will reduce the bills, but try to think bigger and upgrade your water heater, refrigerator, drier, dehumidifier or dishwasher. Eco-appliances have Energy Stars which is the most valued energy efficiency certificate for products. If affordable, upgrade every electrical appliance you have since when combined together, one can only imagine the percentage of energy reduction.

Energy Stars

For a product to get an Energy Star it must pass certain tests with a high energy rating. Almost every product out there has a more efficient version. There are even decorative Christmas lights and ceiling fans with Energy Stars. To find the most suitable ones for your home, consult with experts. However, they will most likely recommend certified roofs, doors and windows since they have the biggest influence on efficiency.

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