Want to add some home value by improving curb appeal? Decided to upgrade the entrance with a door replacement? Great choice since the front door has the biggest influence on homebuyers and guests. Choose the right door, add some window boxes around and your home will look like a Hollywood mansion. To help you out, we are presenting some information about exterior door replacement. Remember though, there isn’t one ideal door for everyone, everything depends on your personal preferences and the environment you live in. Voila:

What Type of Door is Best for an Exterior Door?Types of Doors

Even though the market is spreading, there are 3 basic types of front doors: fiberglass, wood, and steel. Here are some of the pros and cons you should know:

  • Wood – Wood is the best material for preserving a traditional and authentic look for a home. It is also an amazing insulator and protector. But wood is the material most vulnerable to deterioration as termites, rot and mold can’t wait to get their hands on it. This is why wooden doors require more frequent maintenance and replacements, compared to other materials.
  • Steel – We immediately associate steel with strength and vitality. And we are right to do so since steel provides maximum security for homes. It also has a large lifespan and is extremely affordable. But it isn’t storm and weather resistant as much as wood and fiberglass. Plus steel dents and the chances of fixing it when it does are little to none.
  • Fiberglass – Admittedly the best material for doors is fiberglass. Its insulating qualities are incomparable! Fiberglass is fairly new to the market and homeowners are still skeptical, but what it lacks in popularity, it has in efficiency and aesthetics. The only disadvantage of fiberglass is that it breaks, making wood the most impact resistant.

Tips on Replacement

Whatever material you choose, remember that installation and manufacturing are also important for getting maximum efficiency out of your new door. So shopping online is ok as long as the source is highly qualified and with tons of positive reviews. This is why most homeowners decide to go with the middleman – a window contractor, suggesting the best options for your home. Besides proper, professional manufacturing and installation, you should also consider your bolt. The door material won’t have much impact on burglar resistance if your bolt is low quality. The better locking system, the safer home so don’t buy cheap $5 locks. There are quality locks for $150, not that much when your safety is a question?

Door Accessories

Your front entrance isn’t complete with a good old quality door! You still need to decorate and accessorize! Here are the most popular ways to make the best out of your exterior:

  • Glass – An amazing way to decorate a door is with glass! It increases natural light and gives a unique look to your entry. However, this does have some disadvantages since burglars can easily break in with breaking the glass and reaching for the doorknob. To avoid this either place the glass further from the knob, add unbreakable deadbolts or install metal cages around the glass.
  • Canopy – An old fashion way to keep your home protected from rain and make it look stunning at the same time. Canopies add so much to front doors that they are even recommended for increasing curb appeal. Imagine, something so small having such an impact! There are lots of styles you can go for, but to choose the best one, consult with expert designers.

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