Besides adding aesthetic value, window treatment also protects us from the eyes of strangers. But when choosing the best blinds, one should also mind the amount of natural light. There have been tons of cases where homeowners picked a hard window treatment and all they got was minimum light and high electrical bills.
Even though blinds are a specific window treatment (with rotating slats), as a word “blinds” is used for every treatment out there, including shades and shutters. So here are the best blinds for keeping privacy and comfort at the same time:

Which Blinds are best for privacy?Hardwood Blinds

The classic option for window treatment is hardwood blinds. The color and weight of hardwood barely let any light pass through, but the one they do looks amazing due to color and light reflections. These blinds are ideal for keeping a traditional yet welcoming and warm look. Additionally, you will get much better protection with hardwood blinds than with aluminum or PVC.
Roller Shades
Opened from bottom to top and fully covered in fabric, roller shades are commonly chosen for maintaining privacy. There are special versions, called blackout roller shades that have high UV resistance and privacy protection. They are usually placed in bedrooms or study rooms. There are tons of other roller shades out there, some with unique and fun patterns, looking like an artwork when closed.

Cellular Shades

The most popular choice for modern homes, cellular, also known as honeycomb, offer maximum practicality. Regular shades are opened only from bottom to top, whereas cellular can be opened from both sides. With this mechanism, you can only keep the bottom window part covered thus maintaining privacy and the top part opened, thus allowing natural light to enter. Besides practicality, cellular shades are amazing insulators and add a unique look to a room.


This window treatment is almost always combined with another one such as drapes, blinds or shades. Shutters are usually made from thick wood and block every view from the outside. They are found in traditional homes and are a key factor for maintaining that kind of aesthetic. Modern shutters tilt, allowing privacy protection and natural light at the same time.

Vertical Blinds

There are two main types of blinds: Venetian and vertical. Both give amazing protection, but the latter is a very common choice. So to spice things up in your home, while also staying protected choose vertical blinds. Their slats are usually larger and they block almost every part of your view. Modern vertical blinds are automatically operated with buttons and they can slide through the window.

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