There are tons of variations on drapery, considering style, fabric, colors and size. Additionally, one should ask themselves if they want to combine the curtains with linen or another window treatment like shades and blinds. So choosing curtains isn’t that easy as it sounds. To help you out, here are some tips on picking the right ones:

How To Choose Curtains And Drapes?The Ideal Room

To choose the right drapery, you should look deep into yourself. The choice you will make should depend on your personal preferences. But besides following your preferences on comfort, practicality and price, you should also consider the room which you are decorating.
For instance, some rooms require heavy and bold drapery, some light and colorful and others do not need drapery at all. So each room should have its own authentic curtains. This means that the ones in the living room shouldn’t be the same with those in the bathroom. Make the curtains a representation of a room, but also mind comfort.
You can add light weight drapery in the kitchen with unique colorful patterns. This will allow more natural light to enter and the preparing meals which become much more pleasant. For keeping privacy, add heavyweight drapery in bedrooms, but choose ones with an edgy and classy style. And in living rooms, install curtains which symbolize community and offer a welcoming and warm touch to the interior.


When choosing drapery, one should also mind small practicalities. Maybe in the beginning, maintenance won’t seem that difficult, but as time passes, you will surely start to get annoyed by curtains which are difficult to clean.
That’s why when deciding what kind of curtains to purchase, always mind the cleaning instructions. Some can be cleaned in a washing machine, some by hand and other will be in need of a professional cleaning service. So consult with your partner which method you prefer and choose the curtains accordingly. What bothers you more? Taking the curtains every month for dry cleaning or scrubbing them by hand?

The Ideal Size

Sometimes, however, we must choose “only dry-clean” curtains. This is because those that can be washed at home usually aren’t of higher quality. A good thing to know is that after every wash, low-quality curtains get smaller. To protect your room from this problem, always choose curtains which are a little bit larger (a couple of inches) than necessary. Only do this if you are planning to purchase cheaper curtains.
When it comes to proper measurements and window – curtain ratios, there are a some general rules designers use. The main rule is to place the panel 6 inches above the window frame and to add 4-8 inches more on each side (left & right). This way you will have “a breathing area” when the curtains are opened and blocked view when they are closed. The choice of the curtain height is up to you. Whether it will fall to the ground or just beneath the window is a matter of style and preferences.


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