If left unrepaired, malfunctioning windows can lead to severe damage in homes. Mold growth, pest infestations, high energy bills, decreased safety and faded furniture are just the beginning. In some cases where homeowners decided to ignore the fact that their windows needed replacement or they didn’t know how to recognize the signs, severe floods and floor cracks started to occur.

When Should You Replace Windows?To help you out with protecting your home from window damage we made a list of some helpful information:

The Signs

Unfortunately, windows do not have the ability to talk. To overcome this obstacle, you should carefully inspect their surrounding areas for warning signs of malfunction. For making the signs easier to recognize we separated them into two categories: physical and factual. The physical signs are almost always near or on the actual windows. The most common ones are rotten or damaged frames, scratched glass, cracked walls, leaky windows, bad soundproofing, unbalanced room temperature and mold growth. Each of them are linked to your window’s age and quality of insulation.

There are three most important factual signs: old windows, high electricity bills and difficulties with operating. Each type of window has its own life span. Windows with wooden frames last to 15 years while vinyl windows last to 40. Depending on the material and year model, a window replacement is necessary if your windows are older than 30. This is also due to advancements in technology as every day new windows with higher efficiency ratings are flooding the market. Your electrical bills are high because your home requires more energy to stay heated/cooled. With tightly sealed and multiple glass pane windows, your home is always going to have the ideal temperature.

The Benefits

Multiple signs for window replacements can start working together on ensuring that your life gets more difficult. For instance, the temperature in your room can become improperly conducted because of scratches within your glass panes and the increased heating energy and higher bills are surely to appear right afterwards. This sort of hassle can be easily avoided with a simple window replacement.

All of the main benefits you’ll get with window replacement are correlated with comfort and by it we mean: security, proper soundproofing, UV protection, ideal insulation, mold prevention and healthy access to natural light. The positive impacts that window replacement has for a home makes it one of the biggest investment returns and home value increases. When searching for ways to add curb appeal or increase the house’s value on the market, be sure that you’ll find window replacement as one of the suggested topics on the list. This sums up the benefits of window replacement, showing that window replacement is beneficial to one’s comfort and budget.

Tips on Replacing

Okay, so you decided to replace your windows. Now, be wary because you don’t want to be making the same mistake as your previous window buyers did. You might never have needed this replacement had the previous windows been chosen more wisely. The things you should take in mind while choosing new windows are Energy Star ratings, room size, weather conditions, aesthetics, practicality and budget. If your budget is tight, you can go with partial replacements of the glass or the frame. Some window issues don’t require replacement of the whole windows, only the malfunctioning parts. The second thing you should mind are practicality and room size. Each type of window is suitable for different living environments. For instance, awning windows work best for bathrooms and slidings are recommended for small living spaces. The weather conditions of the area you live in should also have a large role in your decision as some window materials have poorer functionality in wet and moist areas. Consult with the experts to determine the best type of window for your home. The Energy Star rating can surely help you with this issue as it shows the overall energy efficiency rating of a window.

Once you have all of the necessary information you need to replace your windows, it is time to find a good window installer.

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