Windows don’t last forever. In fact, most of them barely get to reach 20 years. This isn’t because the material is of poor quality (even though sometimes this is the case), but because we don’t put in enough maintenance and the weather is extremely unpredictable.
Suspecting that you need window replacement isn’t enough, you still need to gather some substantial evidence. To help you out, here is where you should put your attention if you want to prove that your windows are failing at their job:

How To Tell If You Need New Windows?Drafitness

Nobody likes those cold breezes that come through our windows in winter. However, they happen frequently, especially in older homes. One of a window’s roles is to retain heat on the inside. That means that it stops interior air to go on the outside and exterior to come in. The reasons behind drafty windows are many, here are some of them:

  • Old windows, passed their maximum age
  • Poor installation or insulation
  • Cracks in the sash or frame
  • Poor manufacturing

Difficulties Operating

Another tattletale of a squeaking sound while operating. If you have difficulties closing or opening your windows, they probably need to be replaced. This includes weird sounds, the need to use more strength and a loose handle. As draftiness, difficulties while operating can happen for a number of reasons.
Old age is definitely a cause, but there are also other reasons such as a bad repainting job or improper installation. Try to oil up the locking system. If this doesn’t work, try new windows instead.

Bad Soundproofing

Besides protecting us from heat and cold from the outside, windows should also protect us from unwanted noise. Energy efficient, high-quality windows keep our homes care-free by preventing any kind of noise from reaching our ears.
Efficient windows also protect our privacies by keeping the noise we make strictly in the inside. What happens in our homes stays in our homes, right? If you notice that your neighbors are becoming too loud or they are giving you judgmental looks lately, consider replacement windows.

Cracks, Leaks and Rot

This sign is fairly obvious. If there are small pools beneath your windows when it rains, it’s time for replacement. Another sign is cracks on the frame or sash. These can happen because of termites, storms and old age. Sometimes the leaks and cracks can be fixed with partial replacement. This is why you should always consult with experts before you decide on a big renovation project.
If you have cracks and leaks, you might be experiencing soft or rotten frames. Rot is pretty common for wooden windows, as well as softness. They signify that there is some kind of water problem around your window. It may even be a wall crack or clogged gutters dripping directly in your opening.


There are 2 types of condensation: exterior and interior. The former is good, the latter isn’t. Exterior condensation means that your windows are working perfectly fine. In fact, it a sign for proper window function.
Condensation occurs when humid air touches a colder surface. So when the sun rises the air outside gets warmer. This warmer air touches a glass surface (takes a longer time heating up) and exterior condensation occurs.
But unlike the exterior, interior condensation is a sign that your windows aren’t working right. Sometimes it occurs because the windows are new and they don’t let anything pass through. But mostly it happens due to some malfunction. If you frequently have interior condensation, schedule a free consultation.

Faded Furniture

So windows should protect us from noise and outside weather, but what about the light? Yes, good windows prevent harmful UV rays from entering our homes. Despite being harmful for our skin, UV can damage certain materials as well. These include artwork, furniture, carpets and other textiles.
If the area around your windows is slowly fading away, you aren’t well protected from UV. In some situations, you’ll need to replace the glass only, in others the whole window. The framing material also has an impact on UV protection.

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