Our bills are getting higher than ever and the weather is becoming even more difficult to handle. Our HVACs are always turned on in the summer and our furnaces in the winter. However, there are a couple of ways to get around these difficulties.

By using these 5 most effective tricks, you will cut your electrical bills by a significant percentage. Take some burden off your wallet:

How Do I Reduce my Electricity Bills?Windows And Doors

We tend to overlook the importance of windows and doors. Truth is, our energy spending depends on their quality. The most effective way of reducing electrical spending is to make sure your temperature is properly transferred and retain.
If you have old, wooden windows and doors heated air will come inside in summer and cool breezes in winter. This will make you turn on your appliances much more often. Additionally, you will also live in an extremely uncomfortable environment.

Smart Thermostats

The latest trend in modern homeowners is smart thermostats. This device has many benefits. First, it can be adjusted to your preferences. Second, it finds a way on its own to use minimum energy for achieving a certain goal.
Additionally, these devices show statistics on your energy spending. This will make you more aware of your actions, resulting in more careful and eco-friendly electrical usage.

Energy Star Appliances

In the marketplace, there are some appliances that are more energy efficient than others. These have high Energy Star ratings, meaning they spend less energy to get the same job done. The best thing about this is that almost every appliance has an Energy Star rated version of it out there.
From kettles and dryers to windows and doors, these appliances use 15-20% less energy to fulfill their duties. Imagine having 3 or 4 in your home. Your bills will get much lower than they are now.

Clean Filters

HVACs and furnaces work much worse when they aren’t cleaned. If turning on the HVAC isn’t enough, it probably has unclean filters and ducts. That’s why you should clean and upgrade these appliances right before summer and winter.
To get a bit of air circulation flowing, you can also install some ceiling fans. They will move the air in every direction, without using much electricity to do so.

Switch To LED

When it comes to switching appliances, try not to forget the lights! Compared to others such as incandescent and CFL, LEDs have much larger lifespans and use much less electricity. For instance, an LED costs $4, last 25 000 hours and uses 7 Watts. On the other hand, one incandescent bulb costs $1, but lasts only 1200 hours and uses 60 Watts.
You should also focus on installing as many solar lights as possible. If you can’t afford large solar panels, at least put some small bulbs in the backyard. That will save you some of your monthly bills.

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