Smart homeowners always look for ways to make their homes better. Your home is one of the biggest investments you have, both financially and emotionally. It’s a place where memories are built and where children become adults. Additionally, it’s a source of enormous financial income just waiting to activate.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?Doing 2-3 home upgrades a year is like regular visits to the doctor. Treat your house wisely and make sure that it’s always in top shape. Here is why you should choose window replacement in 2019:


Increased Curb Appeal

Besides fixing piping and upgrading electrical appliances, you should also put focus on your exterior looks. We wear clothes to make a statement. In a way, this also applies to our home’s exterior looks.
What statement do you want to make? Should you have benches in your garden? Do you want modern windows and doors or wooden and traditional ones?
Dressing your home to represent the energy inside is really important. This is an opinion also shared amongst modern homebuyers.
Research shows that when looking through a home, millennial buyers will most definitely spend more time in evaluating curb appeal and energy efficiency. New windows improve both. They refresh looks and improve efficiency!

Improved Energy Efficiency

New windows improve energy efficiency, but how? First, they are much more functional and effective in temperature and energy retain and second, they protect our homes from damaging UV rays.
With time our windows get old. In the first five years, your windows will protect the home as much as they can. Afterward, things will start to go astray. Here is what happens if you have an old or damaged window:

  • Draftiness and condensation
  • Leaks, cracks, and rot
  • Turning the HVAC/furnace almost all the time
  • Poor soundproofing
  • UV damage to furniture, artwork, and floor

Because new windows properly insulate your home, none of these signs will appear. The most important being no draftiness or heat on the inside. By not letting cool breezes enter in the winter or hot in the summer, new windows can cut 15% of your energy spending.

Better Security

As technology advances, new products step in the market. Window replacement means that you get to remove your old-fashioned windows and add new and modern ones instead.
Framing materials such as fiberglass and vinyl can protect your home even in the toughest weather. To make things even more appealing, new impact-resistant glass is almost unbreakable, keeping you out of harm’s way and safer from annoying burglars or intruders.

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