The world of doors and windows is huge and there are tons of factors involved when we choose ones for our homes. To help homeowners out with their decisions considering door and window replacement, here is a short guide describing the different types of entry doors.

Different Types Of Entry DoorsDoor Basics

First, we will go though some door basics. When it comes to the world of doors, there are 4 main types: front, garage, patio and storm. Each has its own characteristics, is made from different materials and provides different benefits for homeowners. Luckily enough, each of these types significantly increases home value as well. Garage door replacement even having an average ROI of 98%. But, in this guide we will talk specifically about front doors and the materials from which they are made.


Like every door, front doors should be made from strong, weather resistant materials. This protects us from unwanted strangers and storms. So the better quality your door’s material, the safer your home. When it comes to materials, there are 3 options you can go for. Here are their basic characteristics followed by pros and cons.

  • Wood – provides an amazing look for your home. Is extremely weather resistant and a great insulator. But, it is vulnerable to termites and rot, making it a hassle to clean and maintain. Isn’t recommended for moist and rainy climates.
  • Fiberglass – the newest trend on the market, fiberglass is the ideal solution according to some. Same as wood, it is a great insulator, but has limited style options. It lasts a lifetime and requires little maintenance, but it is much more expensive and isn’t that flexible to fit every opening.
  • Steel – the symbol of strength, steel makes a great front door. Its durability compliments the weather resistance and insulator qualities. Steel is also difficult to break, so your burglars will have a much harder time getting in. But, steel can dent and crack and is very difficult to fix. In most cases needing full replacement after a single scratch.

NOTE: There are other materials for entry doors such as aluminum and vinyl. They aren’t as popular options though since they have their own disadvantages. For instance, aluminum doesn’t work great for homes near oceans since it is prone to corrosion due to salty air.


Another important factor is the style of your doors. Of course they should compliment the aesthetics of the rest of your home, but you should also mind the safety they provide. Many homeowners opt for glass décor around or on the door, but what most of them forget is that glass can be broken. This is why it is best to put your glass décor as far from the door knob as possible or seal it with metal cages.
The choice for entry door styles is limitless. There are tons of options out there, you can even have it custom made according to your wishes. But, do not forget the important factors such as knobs and locking systems. It is smart to have dead bolts and other strong locks which will help you stay protected from intruders.

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