A double-hung window is a stylish alternative to the single hung window. They come in a wide variety of styles and framing options. This traditional window style features an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past one another in a single casement. Double-hung windows are often placed adjacent to decks, patios, and walkways. So, why should you use double-hung windows? What are the advantages of double-hung windows? Here are 5 pros of double-hung windows in your home as a window replacement:

Why Use Double Hung Windows?1. Save on Energy Costs

If you’re looking to save on energy costs, invest in high-quality double-hung windows. Did you know that most homeowners receive up to 50% energy savings? You can increase insulation with triple weather seals and “XL Warm Edge” spacer technology.

2. Improved Ventilation

Double-hung windows offer improved ventilation capabilities and the ability to control airflow. If you want maximum ventilation, just open both top and bottom sashes. The top sash will allow warm indoor air to be expelled through it and the bottom sash will let cool and fresh air into your home.

3. Optimal for Cleaning

Double-hung windows are designed to offer ease of maintenance. They have tilt-out sashes which make for a hassle-free window clean. You’re able to clean both the interior and exterior from inside your home. Some double-hung windows even have removable sashes too.

4. Versatility

Double-hung windows are popular for their class appeal, making them suitable for any home or room. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes, as well as a wide range of colour and materials. So regardless of your home’s style, whether traditional or contemporary, double-hung windows are going to fit right in.

5. Easy to Operate

Double-hung windows don’t crank out or project outwards. You can easily open the top and bottom sashes by sliding down from the top and up from the bottom. Their design is meant to eliminate the risk of accidents in high traffic areas such as decks, patios, and walkways.