Frames are equally important as the windows and doors because they determine the integrity and longevity of windows and doors. Window frames come in different materials, which have their peculiar features, strengths, and weaknesses. To learn about the best type of window frame, read this write-up further.

What Type of Window Frame is Best?1. Wood

Window frames that are made from wood are aesthetically appealing and are efficient insulators. They help to make the room energy-efficient by resisting the heat outside and keep the cool inside and vice versa depending on the prevalent temperatures inside and outside the room. However, wood is prone to wear and tear in high humid and rainy regions. You can increase the longevity of the wooden window frame with adequate maintenance. Note that wood contracts and expands due to weather; therefore, it will require sanding, painting, and sealing.

2. Wood-cladded

Wood-cladded frames are a blend of wood and other materials. Also, it involves the insulation of wood and other materials with the durability of other materials to make frames for windows and doors. Wood-cladded frames are made by using low maintenance and strong material for the exterior of the frame and using wood for the interior. This blend will produce low maintenance frames with high insulation features. Meanwhile, wood-cladded frames should be installed properly to ensure longevity and prevention of water damage to the wooded interior that results from shoddy workmanship.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum frames are solid and durable; however, they lack in insulation value. Aluminum can withstand rain and humidity but cannot keep heat or cold out; they are not energy-efficient. If you need an affordable, durable, and low maintenance frame for windows and doors, aluminum is the perfect material for you.

4. Composite

Composite frames are made from wood byproducts and plastic. They have a similar visual appearance to wood frames and also perform excellently like wood frames. They are low maintenance and efficient insulators. They perform better in terms of thermal resistance of wood. The plastic component of composite frames fit windows and doors makes them handle moisture well.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl frames are strong, affordable, and provide a high level of insulation. Vinyl frames are appealing but can become warped in hotter climates because they are made from PVC.

6. Fiberglass

Frames made for windows and doors using fiberglass are durable and provide amazing thermal resistance. They are resistant to pollutants and will not warp as a result of heat or moisture. The only downside of fiberglass is cost; fiberglass frames are more expensive than other materials.

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