If the windows in your home are of the older version, you may have been noticing air leaks, difficulty operating, frost build-up on the inside during cold. It may be the right time to replace your windows with modern and energy-efficient replacement windows. Although it seems an easy decision to make, you have to consider how those windows will be installed. However, you need to decide if you red window retrofit or complete window replacement.

Window Retrofit versus ReplacementWhat Is a Window Retrofit?

Window retrofit is the process of enhancing the existing windows with new, improved features for better performance. With a window retrofit, you get to replace only the sash of the windows. This is a cost-efficient procedure that improves the looks and quality of your windows.

When Do You Choose a Window Retrofit?

The conditions of your existing windows will determine if a retrofit is best or you should go for a full replacement. To decide that, hire a professional to assess your windows. Meanwhile, here are the conditions or factors that make a window retrofit the perfect choice for you.
a. Perfect Frame and Trim
If your window frames and trims are in the right conditions, then retrofit is the better option to go for. You would be able to save up on some money and enhance the energy efficiency of your home.
Retrofit is, also referred to as an insert or cash-only replacement. It is best suited for older homes where homeowners want to preserve the original look and historical value of their houses. As long as the frame and trim are in perfect condition, retrofit is the best choice.
b. Glass Replacement
If your existing windows only require glass replacement to become more energy-efficient and also lower your budget. Retrofit is recommended for homes with undamaged frames, trims, and sashes but only have a low-quality glass. You can take advantage of high-quality glass on the market.

When to Choose a full Window Replacement?

You, unavoidably, have to choose a full window replacement when the following factors are present:
a. Damaged Frames
If the existing windows have damaged, decayed, or rotten frame, complete window replacement is the best choice. Full replacement of windows with damaged frames will prevent the spread of mould and ensure better energy efficiency.
b. Need for Energy Efficiency
If you need to upgrade the efficiency of your home to cut down on your energy bills, full window replacement is the way to go. Replacement windows with enhanced materials have a longer lifespan and improved quality. You would benefit immensely from the energy efficiency of upgraded top-notch replacement windows on the market
c. Upgraded Style
Fill window replacement is best for you when you want to give a new look to your home. If you want to increase the curb of your home, window replacement is one of the procedures involved. Choose perfect windows considering design, trim, colour, corner blocks, and PVC jam extensions.

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