When you need access to your patio, garden, or the outdoors, installing a Garden Door or French Door is the way to go. These two types of doors help to bring the outdoors inside due to their design. You get to maximize your living spaces with Garden Doors and French Doors. Increasing your home’s beauty and curb appeal without remodeling your home is possible with door replacement. Although Garden Doors and French doors have similar functions, they have their differences. Read further to know the differences between Garden Doors and French doors. They are types of exterior patio doors. In some cases, they can be compared to sliding patio doors. However, they are different even though they perform the same functions because French Doors and Garden Doors are actual doors. The two types of doors improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

What is the Difference Between Garden Doors Vs. French Doors?Irrespective of their similarities, Garden Doors, and French Doors have their differences. Below are the differences between Garden Doors and French Doors.

1. Design

Although both types of doors look the same, their design is different. Garden Doors are designed to have one solid door and one opening doors. Garden Doors have two doors, but only one of the doors can open and close for passage. On the other hand, French Doors have two opening doors, which offer a larger opening, better ventilation, and more passage space.

2. Accessibility

Although French Doors and Garden Doors have two doors, French Doors provide a wider passage because the two doors can be opened for many people to pass, especially when you are hosting a party and people are moving around in your home. However, Garden Doors come with one fixed door and one opening door, which cannot grant many people passage access at the same time.

3. Sturdiness

French Doors are not as secure as Garden Doors because the two doors open and close; therefore, French Doors do not have a solid center support. Also, the foot bolts used for French Doors are weaker; the doors lack strong and durable locking mechanisms, which make them less secure. Garden Doors, on the other hand, have a sturdy center support with the fixed door they have. They are also more reliable and durable than French Doors. Garden Doors can withstand regular, sustained use without any failure, unlike French Doors.
The above are the slight differences between Garden Doors and French Doors. If you are thinking about upgrading your home with window replacement, you can also install either the Garden Door or French Door to improve the overall curb appeal of your home.

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