When it comes time for a window replacement, you have the option of several window styles that offer differing features and designs. Some window styles are more popular than other due to their ease of use or versatility when it comes to fitting in certain opening sizes. Here we will cover the most common window styles and provide a brief description for each.

It should be noted that this list is in no particular order.

1. Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are arguably one of the most common window styles used for residential homes today. Double hung windows evolved from the once extremely popular sing hung window, and even though both window styles look alike, their operations are quite different. Both the upper and lower sashes of double-hung windows are operational allowing for the opening to be higher or lower. In single hung windows, only the lower sash is operable.

Double hung windows offer more ventilation than their predecessor and are also more convenient to clean, as it can be completed from the inside of your home.

2. Casement Windows

If there was a window style that would challenge the double hung window for the most popular, it would be casement windows. They come with side hinges that allow them to open outward with the use of a crank. Most of them feature large glass panes that ensure that they can offer lots of natural light to enter a room. Casement windows are a great option for rooms that need ample ventilation as their sash can open a full 90 degrees. Not only do they allow for plenty of light and ventilation, casement windows have excellent energy performance and are very secure due to their tight seal when the locking mechanism is engaged.

3. Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows as they also open outward utilizing a crank system. The main difference is that their hinges are located at the top of the frame, meaning they open upwards instead of to the left or right. They can play a key role in bringing lots of ventilation into a room. As a result of this, awning windows are often combined with large picture windows that will allow for plenty of light to enter a room. Additionally, they can be installed above a door offering additional ventilation and natural light.

Notably, you should not install awning windows around a walkway, pathway, or other areas with traffic. This is because they are capable of obstructing the path.

4. Picture Windows

These window styles are perfect for anyone looking to have an unobstructed view of the exterior of their home. Picture windows do not open, meaning that they are made of full glass, no screens or center frames to impede your view. They are great for rooms where you are comfortable sacrificing air flow for that perfect view. Picture windows do compensate for the lack of ventilation with ample natural sunlight.

It should be noted that picture windows can be combined with other window types such as awning windows if you want the view and the air flow.

5. Slider windows

As the name indicates, slider windows are windows that slide side to side to open. These awesome windows provide lots of ventilation and views of the outside. However, they may be difficult to seal when closing. Hence, you tend to gain and lose heat easily.

Apart from their locks, sliding windows don’t have any mechanical parts. Consequently, they are easy to clean and maintain.

6. Bay Windows

If you want to create beautiful views and angles in your home, bay windows are a great option to consider. They enable light to come into a room from various angles and are good for family rooms, studies and kitchens. To ensure you get the look and the ventilation, you can combine bay windows with casement or double hung windows to help increase the airflow.

These are just a few of the main window replacement styles available, to fully grasp the options for your window replacement project, speak with your window contractor regarding your options.