Replacing the windows in your home is a very important task that every homeowner will likely need to complete at least once in their lifetime to ensure their home remains safe and comfortable. And even though a window replacement project is a common home improvement upgrade, homeowners may have a few questions about the process. One thing is for sure, having windows that are in great shape is very important as  during the different seasons your windows play a very important role in maintaining your home’s internal temperature as well as playing a role in your home’s efficiency.

Below we highlight some frequently asked questions about replacing your windows:

When is it time to replace my windows?

To easily determine when it’s time for a window replacement, you should first check the age  of your windows. The lifespan of windows is roughly 25 years give or take. If you are not sure when your windows were installed, most windows have a date stamp on the inside frame between their window panes. Additionally to find out if you need a window replacement, inspect your windows for any signs of damage or defects, such as cracks, warping and difficulty opening and closing.

Does a window replacement lead to less Energy Consumption?

There are several notable benefits to replacing your windows and lower energy consumption is one of the big ones. If you upgrade your windows to models with a higher energy efficiency rating it will reduce heat loss and gain throughout the year, saving you money as the energy used to keep your home’s temperature consistent will be reduced.

What type of windows are right for my home?

The right window styles can differ depending on what needs you have for each room in your home. It all depends on the style of your home, how large the openings for your windows are and your individual needs such as natural light and fresh air requirements. It would be best to talk to a professional and review the various types of windows with them to find the right one for your needs and wants in your home.

What is argon gas and why is it used?

Argon gas is a non-toxic gas that is stored between the glass panes of your window in order to reduce heat transfer between each pane. It decreases the amount of air movement between the panes of your window, which improves your window’s functionality. This improves the amount of hot or cold air a window traps inside of the house, so it would be best to invest in new windows that incorporate argon gas between the panes to experience this at its best.

There are many questions answered with the information above but if you have any additional questions regarding your window replacement project contact a local window replacement professional today.